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I can't format my pen drive? Reward $2
Created by azzromyo, 753 days ago, 1136 views

I can't format my pen drive?is there any program can format it
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Logicz1hunid753 days ago

Hey @azzoromyo
Try these methods:

If the above link with the three methods don't work try (Partitionguru) - link: It is the sixth item on item on the page. This is a free version by the way.

Have a nice day.

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omarwa79753 days ago

you can use this application "MiniTool Partition Wizard Free"

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houcinedz14753 days ago

Try this programme

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ha14753 days ago

it depends if your usb key is hardware corrupted then NO. If it is software try Easus

1) Install EaseUs partition MAster
2) ight click on the USB key
3) select Create partition. (file system) NTFS
4) Click Ok
5) Click Apply

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

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Giacomozanolli750 days ago

You could also try to use the command prompt, or, if that doesn't work, try to write an iso on the usb with Rufus, or try to format it with a video game console if you have one

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CoolCat739 days ago

maybe this will help -

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alla713 days ago

you can fix it like this :
1- open cmd by serching on it on the start menu just write cmd then run it as admin

2- write( diskpart) then press enter
3-(list disk)then press enter
4-select your dammaged pen drive from by writing (select disk 1) or 2 or anyway just make sure that you had select the one
5-(create partition primary ) then press enter
6-(format fs=fat32) wait until the format is done finish 100% and this should fix your problem good luck

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