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Created by Khan477, 1030 days ago, 1230 views

Dont know which phone to buy?
sony or samsung
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nihal291030 days ago

samsung for better built quality , sony for better camera and batterry . both company have great phones to have , it is in your hand what you want . experia x3+ is great phone to have, and samsung galaxy s6 is the best oponent . so if both are so close to choose my opinion is to go for the best features with value for money. take a look at this link .


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Oscar0011030 days ago

I think, for me select HP android Samsung Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy (tested: Galaxy Mini, Jade (mini 2), Young, V, Galaxy Core I and II, the Galaxy SIII, Galaxy S4, S5, S6, and so on) have an advantage over Sony Xperia (Xperia E, C, L, M2-M4, Z, etc.).
Samsung vs Sony.
1. Samsung have a handle / grip comfortable. While the Sony Xperia little less comfortable.
2. Screen owned Samsung Galaxy more comfortable in the eyes, and more cool.
3. With the same budget, the Samsung is more affordable to get specifications such as processor, ram, etc higher. As for the Xperia with similar specifications, need a bigger budget
4. In my experience (local), when there is damage, Customer Service from Samsung is better than Sony. It is local, somehow elsewhere.
5. The resale price, Samsung is more stable and has a high sales. While Sony is still low.
6. The power consumption and better battery life on the Samsung.
7. Sensor, very superior to almost every type of Samsung Galaxy.
Everything is just a personal opinion, there are some people also say Sony is superior.

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agapitoflores1030 days ago

Hi khan!

I suggest you go for a Samsung phone, their phones are much cheaper, much sturdier, and comes with more support from the company. In my area getting customer support from Sony is a nightmare. I definitely recommend Samsung.

And before you buy check if the phone has HDMI and gyroscope it will be essential in the near future (due to the rise of 360 virtual reality videos and apps).


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Abdulrahman1141030 days ago

iPhone ^_^

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ZzMrXzZ1030 days ago

Sony is my last choice. They are all shit

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houcinedz141029 days ago

Sony is better if you believe in Peace of Mind after purchase, Because Sony Delivers what it promises so there are no queues at Sony Customer Care.

On the other hand
Samsung provide Mobile Phones with better looks and better specifications but The life of a Samsung phone is no more than 8-9 months
For comparison you can use the very famous tool

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chakramed1029 days ago

Hi ,
in my point of view " Samsung " its better than others even Iphone sony not a good mobile manufacture as good as samsung LTD .


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AlexMedin1029 days ago

Samsung 100000 %

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azzromyo1029 days ago


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nihal291027 days ago

close your eyes and go for Samsung value for money

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CoolCat1027 days ago

I'd prefer Sony.

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ha141027 days ago

if you are buying contract free then go with Samsung Galaxy S6 it is cheaper than sony Xperia Z5. If you are buying on a contract then go with Xperia Z5 it has waterproofing protection, outstanding camera .

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raja16sep1027 days ago

off Course Samsung.

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deniswm1027 days ago

I believe in the Samsung, always reliable and well made, I have the Samsung SII, pleasing icons and good colours, audio is good also.

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ali19361027 days ago

samsung is batter than sony....

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igor1025 days ago

Samsung Galaxy S7-out of the competition!

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henrilubis1025 days ago

samsung is the best

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dmkhlv1021 days ago

I think, you question is not full. Which model? If you speak about new model's - i prefer Samsung, but it's quite expensiv... But, Samsung - i use galaxy S5 for more 2 years, and S6 - this devises was the most productive in comparison with competitors!!! Thr new one S7 by Samsung - the same. But its only my choise)

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wendra1020 days ago

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The Edge display screen is larger than the S7.

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houssam_haddour1010 days ago

if your willing to buy a good phone then the lg g5 will meet all your expectation.

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nino20181009 days ago

Best phone 2016: the 10 best smartphones we've tested
1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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Hazem26922 days ago

If I were you I would choose Samsung brand for phones it's much supported than Sony, each problem on Samsung will get an update to solve it immediately for Sony its users are still waiting for a solution for the camera focusing issue on their latest phone Xperia X Sony is too slow to solve problems on their phones because of the funds lack in mobile section.

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