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What's the best Italian dish? Reward $2
Created by moonlight, 699 days ago, 1096 views

What's the best Italian dish?
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DavidT698 days ago

Buongiorno :)

Here's a short list of our most typical and ost delicious foods,

1)Pizza margherita for sure, but from Napoli and whereabouts. The one all the world try to imitate without success ;)

2) Eggplant Parmesan.

3)You can never beat a well prepared Lasagna ;)

4)A simple , yet fabulous,italian recipe for pasta sauce is Pesto. For eating a good one you should visit Genoa, its motherland.Simply fabulous.
Enjoy =)

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azzromyo699 days ago

Hi @moonlight
i like MARGHERITA PIZZA it's yummy

hope you like this like me


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omarwa79699 days ago

Pizza is the best dish.

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CoolCat698 days ago

I like pasta alla carbonara more than pizza.

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KingGeorge698 days ago

Scrimp alfredo - delicious-delicious-delicious. I could eat almost every day and not get enough!

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ZzMrXzZ698 days ago

Italian Pasta is dabest

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Yuri697 days ago


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AlexMedin697 days ago

simply yum Ossobuco and risotto Alla Milanese

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nihal29696 days ago

swet dish = Tiramisu - The pick-me-up cake
meal = Bruschetta


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jamaicascout696 days ago

The Best traditonal Italien dish is Spagetti Bolognese,...autentic Italiy.
Spagetti in light boiled salted water with few drops Oliv oil. 12-14min,..they still must have bite.
Tomatosauce with fresh tomatoes, garlic, onion,herbs de provence,oregano and minse beef to cook for 15 min.
Drain Spagetti, rins with cold water and served on a large plate and cover with the Hot Tomatosauce. Springled Parmesean how You like it .
+++ Vino Tinto....Bon apetitio.

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DavidT696 days ago

Wtf man... boil 12-14 mins?with oil in the boiling water? LOL NO

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jamaicascout695 days ago

to David T,..........With few drops oliv oil the spagetti will not stick together,..also the spagetti will have a better taste,..Lol

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zizou695 days ago

Italian favorite dish pizza

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Zigonza6695 days ago

all pizzas made in italy are great

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DavidT695 days ago

Hi and thank you for choosing my answer!


I am offensive and i find this italian. oh, wait...Anyway, you don't need that. U just need to cook them for not more than 10-11 minutes, and add a spoon of salt for every ectogram of it and don't let it stay idle for too long, mix it every 3 mins. That's how you traditionally cook pasta...If do this and put oil AFTER it's better ;)

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raja16sep695 days ago

All italian Food i like. All are well come.

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tempy1122685 days ago

I love italian food.

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