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Which zodiac sign do you want to make friends with? Reward $2
Created by nanna, 663 days ago, 780 views

Which zodiac sign do you want to make friends with? And why?
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serezha662 days ago

Hi! I hadn't believed in that untill I met several people of the same sign. I wondered because they were very similar to each other in character and applies equally to the things and people around them. I'd like to to make friends with Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo or Gemini. Actually I've already mad it. The people of that zodiac sign are very good friends: reliable, responsible, cheerful. They can always rely on!

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ZzMrXzZ663 days ago

It depends on which zodiac sign you are in. We people can not fit with all types of people and zodiac also shows us the fact that all of us do have good and bad sides. However, to me, I love to make friend with Aries, they are Enterprising, Incisive, Spontaneous, Daring, Active, Courageous and Energetic; make friend with them make me live more energetic.

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azzromyo662 days ago

Hi @nanna
i don't believe by the zodiac sign because It's kind of superstition

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DavidT662 days ago

I don't know i should ask advice to a scientist graduated in astrology. Oh wait...

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maren661 days ago


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nihal29660 days ago

zodiac signs doen't matter for me , for me the bevaviour is important , truth , faith in freindship is important , then those signs .

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Neverstopimprovin660 days ago

The Virgos!!! they are the most considerate and nicest people, they will have your back and they are also fierce an intimidating when need be. All around bamfs

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AlexMedin660 days ago

I would like to make friends with the zodiac sign of Gemini..I'm a Gemini this is a full pipets )))
And imagine TWO Pipets IN a HEAP )))

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igor656 days ago

It does not matter: it would be an interesting person.

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