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Does pure friendship exist between men and women? Reward $2
Created by snoopy, 1523 days ago, 3168 views

Can a man and a woman just be friends?
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FixitJorge1515 days ago

The research, conducted in Norway, found that men and women fundamentally misunderstand each other. She will interpret his signals of sexual interest as friendliness and He will read her signals of friendliness as sexual interest. men have a tendency to over-perceive sexual signals.

When straight men and women don't have an accurate read on how one feels about the other, things can get weird. But That doesn't mean a friendship is impossible, those are merely some statistical facts under various conditions, just remember that anything is possible because no two people are alike. we are all very unique and nothing is 100% certain. :)

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ahmed581523 days ago

only if they are married :)

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omarwa791523 days ago

no at all , Only between mother and son.

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Razsaheel1523 days ago

In this SENSE whatever exist between the two, is only due to the biological necessity. So they can never be just friends. They will either be friends or foe; if they are not strangers.

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olja2255881523 days ago

Real friendship between men and women exist.

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DavidT1523 days ago

To be short and quick:

Sure it can..Unless one of the two doesn't have phisical attraction and can't get over it, that is the main problem between this kind of friendship....But if you care enough about the friendship you'll be strong enough to overcome it ;)

You will surely make it ;) Have a good day!

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walidg1523 days ago

just if they have some work together for exemple when they studie in group or if they working together.

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ZzMrXzZ1522 days ago

Yes it is, if the boy can get the "fuck" out of his head. You might think it is a joke but it is not. I do have some close girlfriend and what I do to maintain these kinds of relationships is to keep my head cool

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kiskiller01521 days ago

Actually it's I think it's impossible , because of the S e x u a l Attraction . And If it's Possible it will be so difficult to make .

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Tim3211521 days ago

Если не сваливать все в одну кучу…Дружбу…Любовь…Секс….
Вполне приемлемо для нормальных людей…
Даже тигр с козлом могут дружить…

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panzer251521 days ago

no I don't think so only think about sex
I am a man and I know what I am talking about

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ourlife1520 days ago

yes we can be friend in humane ... if we stop to think just sex like animals

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AlexMedin1520 days ago

there is 100% .I have this friend,really was thought of something more than friendship,but I chose not to cross that line
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MakesSense1520 days ago

Yes or No - Depending

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Abdulrahman1141520 days ago

No they cant > shortly

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Chiong22711520 days ago

Yes, it's can if they are gathering in group. If only 1 men with 1 women, it can't maintain pure friendship.

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MDT3331518 days ago

Yes ! I am a female and I have 4 male friends and they are JUST FRIENDS. Granted, 2 of them I was formally in a relatonship with,1 my ex-husband, and 1 my ex-boyfriend who claimed we were never girlfriend and boyfriend and he broke my heart into a million pieces. I have gotten over it because I realized he is like this with every woman he is in a so called relationship with and in the 5 years we have been apart he has had at least 10 of these types of relationships. I spent Thanksgiving and Christmas at his house with all his family AND his ex-wife and new girlfriend. I did not get invited to Easter yesterday but after seeing his daughter's photos I saw his brother in one ,he & I were good friends until he tried to force himself on me and I do not speak to him anymore. If either the male or female has an attraction to the other then they cannot be friends. I do not have an attraction to any of the 4 and vice-versa. My ex-husband is Gay, and I have no desire to ever be with my ex-boyfriend and vice-versa and one of the 4 had an interest in me at the beginning of our friendship and I set him straight and it has never been a problem since in our 15 year friendship! The 4th. and most recent is my upstairs-nextdoor neighbor. He is married to his ex-wife and they have a strange relationship. He is home everyday due to disability and so am I. We hit it off immediately! We believe in a lot of the same things and he has been very helpful calming me down due to some very unpleaseant things going on in my life such as my daughter who just had my first grandchild and she and her boyfriend did not let me meet him until he was 2 months old and had just gotten out of the hospital 2 days prior ( this was just 5 days ago ) I have tried hard for a long time to befriend his wife and have finally made it happen and have assured her that nothing is or ever will be going on with us . So it IS possible as long as there is absolutely ZERO sexual attraction on either side! I treasure these 4 friendships ! I have always had more male friends than female and I believe it has a lot to do with being burned by so many women chasing my husband to begin with. They claimed to be my best friend and next thing I knew they were at the bar hitting on my husband when they knew I was home! I have ONE good female friend in every town I have ever lived in and am still intouch with.

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raja16sep1518 days ago

1= No (due to Sex)
2=Yes (due to age factor)

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Cantuccini1517 days ago

Yes, it is possible. Gilda's been my best female friend since 1971, she looks hot but I've never even thought for a moment to get into her pants or vice versa. (Despite my libido having been pretty high in the past). What about your best male mate? Even if you envied his looks, you would not want to get too 'close', would you? (Shudder). Unselfish love AND respect...and everything falls into place.

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igor1516 days ago

Only if there are no beds.

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hitman0051516 days ago

not really . But women complement men, and vice versa :):):)

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kyamagero1515 days ago

Yes of course.

The question is why are you friends?

Are you motivated by brotherly love, agape love etc...

You could also be motivated by erotic love.

But true you could as well have been motivated by agape or brotherly love.

These could develop into erotic love later but may not as well.

So yes, it is very normal and possible.


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Bine4851505 days ago

Ja, die gibt es - hab ich mehrfach

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Haydiyah1501 days ago

Why not? Most of my friends are males and there's nothing going on between any of us. I think it has to do with the way a person conduct themselves around each other. And me and all my friends are strait up, no funny business here if you know what i mean. It's all a matter of self respect to ones selves also. So yeah men and women could be friends.

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pikapip1501 days ago

of course i have alot of guy friends

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