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The reasons why you start deleting some of the friends in Facebook. Reward $2
Created by walker16, 1525 days ago, 1326 views

What made you start delete Facebook friends?
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olja2255881521 days ago

Most of them aren't friends at all.
It's like your room. Sometimes you need to clean it. :D

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Logicz1hunid1525 days ago

Hi @walker16
Most of them don't even message or even reply back to your messages when you text them, that alone ticks me off. Why want to be friends then? So that is my main reason.

Have a nice day.

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alikol1525 days ago

If it's no business - It's children's play (if it's a serious question)

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DavidT1525 days ago


I too deleted a lot of friends off facebook. Reason?

There was no interaction beteen me and the people i deleted...

If you have a " friend" on facebook but when u meet him in real ife he doesnt care about what you say or even ignore u when u pass by..Then what is the matter in having such a friend other than meddling into his businness?

If i use Facebook as a personal account to keep contact with friends, they must be friends, not strangers! That's why i think having 2000 friends on FB is meaningless for its purpose, it's just showoff.

Have a nice day :)

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eyHyao1171525 days ago

Hello @walker16
We always delete friends from facebook when simply they are not our friends , when we have nothing in common,
Well we know that we use facebook for knowing new people but, when you dont wanna know some people ,
you gonna end up deleting them from your friendlist in the end eventually,
Regards !

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nino20181525 days ago

hi@walker16 I think that we can delete people from Facebook because sometimes you don't know who is the person that you are accepting and a lot of people only see if they have friends in common and accept someone that they don't know. And websites were created to know people and to be more sociable. I believe that if you are going to deleted someone that you don't know he or she never is going to know.

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ahmed581524 days ago

sometimes because of thier posts !

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ZzMrXzZ1523 days ago

Because they spam too much

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