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What songs can make you cry? Reward $5
Created by Rice, 998 days ago, 1821 views

What songs can make you cry? Don't copy and paste, talk about yours.
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FixitJorge998 days ago

● (wish you were here) by Pink Floyd
the whole album explores the theme of detachment and David Gilmours vocals retain a curiously absent quality as he pines for his friend the whole track comes across as a effortless piece of music. A train of thought that's sad and overwhelmingly simple. when i listen to it i can't help but recall the memories of my old Pal and the times we've spent together. Time is truly precious and moments do matter.

● (One sweet day) by Mariah Carey and Boyz to Men
This tearful tune reminds me of the impermanence of life. it's an exercise in saying the things we wish we said and in giving thanks for the lives that we have.

● (Hallelujah) by Jeff Buckley
This one is about love that's gone stale so it's relatable for many of us. there's also anguish in his voice that is impossible to fake. which is why it makes me cry every time i listen.

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momoko998 days ago

Lost Stars - Adam Levine

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tuananhtai998 days ago

mother in the dream

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tranminhtrung246997 days ago

Make You Fell My Love - Adele

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Oscar001997 days ago

Everybody Hurts (REM), Tears In Heaven (Eric clapton), Nothing Compares 2 u (Sinead O’Connor), With or Without You (U2), Drugs dont Work (The verve), Candle in The Wind (Elton john), Streets Of Philadelphia, Unchained Melody (Air Supply), etc.

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eyHyao117997 days ago

A million years - Christina Perry

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nino2018997 days ago

hi@Rice Don't let the upbeat nature of this tune fool you. It's obviously a dismal ditty about love lost. All you have to do is listen, cry, and repeat.

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Cicyro997 days ago

The Cranberries - Zombie - You ask as if there is ever just one meaning to a poem, song, or work of art.
that isn't true. art is entirely subjective and zombie is as much subjective as any other.

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med121997 days ago

chris brown - say goodbye

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med121997 days ago

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congtuyen1305997 days ago

dong thoi gian

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fantasticomid997 days ago

Emotional Song & Blues.
example :come back song

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Jcrow997 days ago

The Dixie Chicks - Travelin' Soldier.
One of the most heart wrenching songs I've ever heard. About the fear of having to go to war, finding love and losing it. The music and harmonies are haunting. Sends chills up the spine and tears down the face.

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TheKostyaEsquire997 days ago

Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

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walidg997 days ago

KEEN'V explique moi it's french song

Falling Slowly, Once Lyrics

Evanescence - My Immortal

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igor997 days ago

Lara Fabian - Adagio

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pevac983997 days ago

Portishead-Roads, J.J Cale-Cloudy Day

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nihal29997 days ago

looking for sad songs link is here
mine is Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan

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Yahya4u997 days ago

Make You Fell My Love - Adele

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bibito74997 days ago

the earth song

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azzromyo997 days ago

Hi @Rice
WAKE UP ALONE by amy winhouse

it's really make me cry


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monkeydloffi997 days ago

when i was your man by bruno mars

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afif98997 days ago

Electric Light Orchestra- (I need her love)

that is a good underrated song

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Amarir99997 days ago

3 3

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omarwa79997 days ago

try this,

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crazyping12996 days ago

songs that can make me or anyone cry cant be the same song for everyone, its always the songs that remind you or tell you about sad things you have been through that would make you cry remembering them.

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mroftime996 days ago

Lost Stars - Adam Levine it makes me so sad and crying for 30 minute.

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ZzMrXzZ996 days ago

See you again - in memory of Paul Walker

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natmat995 days ago

There're many songs that make me cry, but these ones.... it's always. They are not sad, just too beautiful. I close my eyes and ...:-)

Belle Soundtrack- You Would Be My Wife

Cinematic Orchestra - Arrival of the Birds & Transformation

Enya - A day without rain

Oliver Shanti - Autumn in beijing

Patrick Fiori - Terra umana

Hans Zimmer: Solomon - "12 Years a Slave" Soundtrack

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marketsgolabl995 days ago

Eliot = baby i will wait for you

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SoOoF_ONe995 days ago

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Igenius995 days ago

Frank Sinatra, My Way

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Khan477995 days ago

that would be "why not me"

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AlexMedin994 days ago

the only song causing me man's tears,these are songs about war,about mothers

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yanka457973 days ago


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Mayko972 days ago

Michael Jackson -
- Michael Jackson - Earth Song

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apbwalden966 days ago

SENTIMENTAL SONGS make you cry, for they make you reminisce and bring back either good or bad fond memories and or feelings you have undergone or experienced.

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Mirage937 days ago

All the miley cirus and justin biber songs make me cry ( music is dead :'( )

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Rice901 days ago


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Togekiss_4011879 days ago

Try Enya: Watermark, the piano sounds and you think of someone who lost their life, someone precious to you... It brought tears to my eyes and made me feel like crap thinking about it! I never listened to it again because it was too unbearably sad to hear and think about someone close to you dying...

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Meow785 days ago

John Lennon - Imagine.
Jimi Hendrix - Star Spangled Banner
And classic music also could be really really nice for that

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