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What do you think of iPhone SE? Reward $2
Created by beststar, 671 days ago, 860 views

With low price, will iPhone SE attract any Androids users to try?
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Zxzero36670 days ago

I find it interesting that they are going to cater to the people who didn't want the bigger phone in the first place....and because of that its going to cause the people who didn't switch to switch to a newer and faster phone.

If its going to bring android users to apple it isn't, if your already on android your pretty much stuck on it like your stuck on An Iphone. I honestly switched because I dident want to risk jail breaking my phone just to play games that it wouldn't sell on the app-store. With android as long as you know the app is safe you can download a .apk and install it on your phone.

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Oscar001671 days ago

Yes, in addition to low price also relatively small size, only 4 inches. The phone adopts specifications owned 5S 6S into the body. Just like the iPhone 6S, iPhone SE using the "A9 processor 64 bit", paired with the motion processor M9. Support digital assistant Series was already "hands-free" or capable with only voice commands. Quality 12-megapixel camera, equipped with dual flash and focus pixels for shooting a clearer picture and natural. In addition, support "live photos" that was first introduced on the iPhone 6S is also available on the iPhone's small. Connectivity iPhone SE is considered fit to answer the needs of today's digital activity. With the support of LTE network speed up to 150 Mbps, iPhone SE claimed to be 50 percent more superior than the iPhone 5S. Moreover, VoLTE features are also readily available.

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azzromyo671 days ago

Hi @beststar
with this price 399$ , sure

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cc1671 days ago

Kind of expensive

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FixitJorge671 days ago

Apple is going to need some killer unique features to lure me away from Android. The only "unique" feature of this phone is it's size, as some people prefer smaller phones. being a Android user of the larger 5.7" screen sizes, I'm not one of them, so no, this phone does not tempt me at all.

plus i would Need to re-purchase any paid apps that i already use on Android - no thanks!
16GB base storage, 64GB is $100 extra - no thanks!
iOS not as flexible as Android on many levels - no thanks!
Apple is far too limited, restrictive, pricey and doesn't excel in giving me the freedom to make my phone my own by changing the design of the user interface and functionality of the phone how i want it.

No, i don't think the iPhone SE will attract many Android users. they are sticking to android because of the OS not the hardware. With Android, you can give your phone personality. with Android you will always have options and many of those options will be freely available should you need them. For an Android user to buy an iPhone, that would be like going back to 3 years old technology and paying more for it.

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ZzMrXzZ671 days ago

I find it not interesting at all

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nihal29670 days ago

iphone SE is just apple's iphone 6 in small size which is more popular. plus it has a new camera sensor , 12mp camera ! .
a9 chip , its like high features in small form factor, it is priced well android users must have an eye on it.
4inches screen size is good for every one , every feature of iphone 6 in se , now apple has entered the budget level maket or i say premium budget level . will amaze any one.

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