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Which Mobile Browser do you prefer and why? Reward $2
Created by BTW, 669 days ago, 1051 views

Which Mobile Browser do you prefer and why?
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aidenstone669 days ago

I use FireFox as my mobile browser because of its stability, privacy, and lightweight. It's customizable, takes up less space than the others, and in MY opinion it out-does all the other browsers INCLUDING Chrome! You can also get free addins for it! You can pick this up FREE on GooglePlay Store.

There is another app that is for security minded people and it's called Orbot. (Also available on GooglePlay Store.) This browser is known for its security and privacy ratings, it's free, and easy to install. I keep this as an alternative browser when I'm a little more security conscious.

One more thing: I know that you just asked for suggestions on browsers but I'm going to toss in an extra point here. If you want privacy, there are 3 search engins that you really need to check out: StartPage Search, IxQuick (StartPage's Sister Site), and DuckDuckGo. The first 2 are touted as being the worlds MOST PRIVATE BROWSING experience. Searches aren't logged, you can keep your history and cookies cleaned a lot easier, they're all customizable, they all allow you to search for images, and you can go to their settings tab and customize adult block, privacy, skins, and so many other things! I use StartPage but the other 2 are just as good!

So there you go! I hope that this at least somewhat answers your question and like always, I like to give a little more than just the basic information!


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chakramed669 days ago

I use default movile browser it lighter anf not taking many resource

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nihal29669 days ago

chrome as it is inbuilt and I love it, it is fast and easy to use one handedly, can sync your bookmarks and saved passwords from desktop browser , support Google weblight when you are on slow network. great for watching YouTube videos , slideshows , it support JavaScript .all in all awesome for those having android phones . must try there is a hidden dino game in chrome when no internet access just tap on the screen your dinosaur will start running . great time pass, very nice browser,

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Aguru667 days ago

I use AdBlock browser (, it's light, simple to use and ad blocking makes internet serfing with it fast and secure.

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Proletus667 days ago

when zooming in on a page its the only browser that keeps text readeble wthout swiping the page....
sometimes ghostery, cos of the great adblock

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diya665 days ago

uc browser and opira mini because the are really fast at browsing and easy to use

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rjonesbos664 days ago

Honestly I prefer Google chrome because I can sync history and bookmarks and it remember all of my forms of passwords. I can also take it mobile with me because I have my phone synched to my computer through google and they pay me just for using their apps...

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nihal29663 days ago

uc browser is also fantastic

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ZzMrXzZ663 days ago

Have you ever tried COC COC browser? If not, then give it a try. It is based on Chrome and has many utilities which chrome do not have

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joytotheworld662 days ago

I prefer firefox. It's light and fast. It doesn't take a lot of memory and works well even when the wifi connection I have is poor.

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omarwa79662 days ago

UC Browser is the best and free mobile browser. Download uc phone browser to browse fast and save data. try it

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Zufcena658 days ago

At android is best the google chrome, because it connect with google profile.

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igor657 days ago

ASUS Browser web browsing experience by emphasizing speed, security, and being user friendly. Its design allows you to browse and search the internet at the fastest speeds while providing many exclusive features.

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AskBob9118657 days ago

I use Chrome it may not have the best Security but I have it protected with Avast Mobile Security and Anti Virus, I like Chrome for on my Android Tablet I like the fact that it has good Sync capitablity's a cansave passwords.

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ZzMrXzZ657 days ago

I like UC browser. Much like Chrome

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UssaMourahib657 days ago

I use safari

Really not bad

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zrodfects646 days ago

I use Google Chrome on my iPad since I use it on my PC, I have add on's on my Chrome to make the interface look like an iOS screen with clickable icons, very nicely designed, it's awesome......

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houssam_haddour641 days ago

i prefer using google chrome browser ,because Google Chrome may not be the most feature-packed browser you can download, but it’s definitely the fastest and most well-integrated with Android. Plus, it’s so well-integrated with the desktop version of Chrome that if you use it there (and you trust Chrome Sync, of course) it’s worth using just to be able to pick up your phone or tablet and continue from where you left off on your computer. also Chrome Sync eliminates the need to use third-party tools to send yourself links, open tabs, and bookmarks, which is a huge benefit.

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nino2018641 days ago

hi dear
the best
Opera Mini for Android

Opera for Android

Opera Mini for Windows Phone

Opera Mini for iOS:

Opera Coast for iOS

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G33kpaine638 days ago

For my experience I used UC Browser. Beacuse this is fast and very clean UI. Fast Downloading and also Streaming, but it depends on ur internet how fast it is.

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19mitch65588 days ago

there are a lot of browsers for your phone besides chrome, firefox.
try Dolphine Opera, UC Browser fast Androidpit Next Browser - fast& private is the newest. all on or from google play store

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Muzammil554 days ago

I prefer UC browser because it has; *Data saver *Cloud Download *Speed

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