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Which type phone you have now ? Reward $2
Created by omarwa79, 948 days ago, 1127 views

Which type phone you have now ?
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neuropatch948 days ago

Now I have an iPhone 5s, and I am pleased with him.

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aidenstone948 days ago

I currently have something of a hybrid- DelMonte can on one side, Libby's Corn can on the other with a 10foot string in between... although I'm thinking of switching to open copper wire soon. I hear the sound is better and while I'm waiting for someone to answer on the other end, I might be able to pick up some music on the crystal radio type antenna!

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Currently, I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, Android with a KitKat operating system. Great phone after I disabled a lot of the stuff that I will never use. I also have (for work) an Asus PhonePad Mini-X... the one that is a tablet and you can remove the cellular from it and actually have a smaller smartphone. The Asus has a few issues but right now, it's what I have, and it works. I actually use it with a VPN tunnel to my laptop so that I can access my 2tb laptop hard drive from anywhere I have a connection! This saves from having to download a lot of files and/or carry the laptop with me. Great setup actually.

And in 1844 with Alexander Graham Bell nervously holding the telephone aparatus he had wired in his bedroom, his assistant, Watson, waited nervously in the living room. The phone rang and Watson answered it. And in the immortal first words, shaking with emotion, Bell whispered into the speaker "Watson, come into my bedroom. I... I need you!" And all else was history.

This trivia is brought to you by a somewhat deranged mind and really morbid character. Still:

Peace... and don't forget to deposit a dime for the next ten minutes!

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chakramed948 days ago

Samsung galaxy trend plus is the best

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PhoenixCoyote947 days ago

I have a Samsung 7 inch tablet. I use a softphone app with free phone number, $2.99 unlimited national texting, mostly free in and out calling, along with a message taking service. I use google phone to call out anywhere for free. If I want to call anyone anywhere, I will buy one of those cellular dongles, and pay no more than $20/mth for data service.

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ZzMrXzZ947 days ago

Lumia 602, I love window phone because of their durability

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nihal29947 days ago

android phone , letv le s1

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Zxzero36942 days ago

I have a Samsung Galaxy S6. It works well for me

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zrodfects923 days ago

I have a Microsoft 640 XL, but hope to get an iPhone 6+ later :)

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buddy205918 days ago

At the moment I have a HTC Desire 816, a pretty large phone, the internal storage just sucks lol

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musishoon918 days ago

Samsung s6 edge

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Neal918 days ago

I am using an LG Tribute. It's OK but the main drawback is the internal memory will not hold many apps so this is basically a phone with WiFi.

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Conikay918 days ago

I absolutely LOVE my iphone 6! This is my 4th iphone and I have it through Verizon Wireless. I have excellent coverage wherever I travel and they provide me with excellent customer service. I purchased a Lifeproof case for it and I have dropped it in the toilet, on cement and a hundred times on the floor.

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TAR17918 days ago

samsung trend plus

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koroleva915 days ago

LG G3 and I like it.

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yandi12950913 days ago

I use Lenovo and it has good features

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omari906 days ago

azumi 4.4.2

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