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How to free up your phone? Reward $2
Created by huiyior, 1038 days ago, 1553 views

My phone is becoming slow, what steps can I do to fix it?
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outside1038 days ago

ios or Android?

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huiyior1038 days ago


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adomouz1038 days ago

the principle asks that you rid yourself of residual files that are on your android then use some application that will help you boost it, downloads SD Maid and Swap Speed up, it will solve your problem.

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omarwa791038 days ago

save your photo your number phone and resit it . it's the The only solution. use this "", Will help you.

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azzromyo1038 days ago

Hi @huiyior
by theses steps:
1-update your phone firmware
2-reset your phone backup any important informations before this step
3-check the internal memory
4-search from google play for useful applications like juice defender give your battery life by stopping some services and applications cache cleaner
5-uninstall some unused applications


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chakramed1038 days ago

Go to play stor and install wise fastmizer you will enjoy your phone

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FixitJorge1038 days ago

Use these simple tips:
● disable transition animation.
● get rid of widgets.
● disable live wallpaper.
● delete the apps you don't use!. the more apps you install, the more slower your phone will become.

use one of these cleaner apps below to clean memory, cache, and junk files then reboot your phone. very important!
CCleaner should work just fine. it's made by a very reputable developer who is known for making very reliable software such
as the infamous CCleaner for desktop software.

if CCleaner doesn't suit you, the next best app would be Clean Master
The videos should help you get started on how to use the apps.

● Clean Master (Free)

● CCleaner (Free)

● Startup Manager (imoblife)

● All-In-One Toolbox (Cleaner)

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PhoenixCoyote1037 days ago

How much free space do you have on your internal drive? If you have many apps, an app called "Links2SD" will enable you to move all the data to an external SD.

In order to find what's taking up storage space, you can gain a great graph view with Disk Usage.

If you're looking for a quick fix, there's Avast CleanUp Or CCleaner

However you might simply have too many apps running. Try Greenify, which enablers you to set apps into hibernation when you actually close the apps.

Now if you want to look at exactly what is being run from each app (and selectively disable their components), use ROM Toolbox. And look at each under the App Manager and Auto Start Manager buttons.
But be careful! Don't go disabling everything without testing the apps first.

Now you might want to also keep more of your files in the cloud, rather within your own phone. So I'd suggest you use Google Drive to host many of your files.

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ZzMrXzZ1037 days ago

Here you are:

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nihal291036 days ago

clean master is recommended by me, i have saved over 22 gb of space through it , it is easy to use , clean ui , gives info when battery is draining fast , temprature alert etc

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Razsaheel1035 days ago

If you do not want to disturb the routine and change the settings of your mobile and uninstall applications/programs. The simplest and most easy
thing you can do is. whenever you feel the slowness of device. Please switch off the phone at least for 10 to 15 seconds each time. You will be relieved of the problem for 6 to 8 hours before switching it off again.

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An0nymous1035 days ago

-Clear Caches
-reinstall android
That's all fox

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ckoch1034 days ago

malwarebytes for android told me clean master had a bug so uninstalled it. Just a fyi. I may reinstall it anyway I had a good running phone before I uninstalled it.

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SetupComputer1034 days ago


First, since smartphones are used for personal moments (photos, videos, social media), you should back-up your data on another memory device, preferably an external hard drive.

I just freed up space on my wife's phone by moving all photos and videos on my external drive then deleting the local copy on the phone (saving 3GB space).

Also, since messages are stored on the phone's internal memory, back-up all messages (using your phone's internal back-up utility or downloading one from the Appstore or Playstore) then delete the local copy. This should free 3MB more or less.

Also, clear up usage data of your favorite apps (web browser, facebook, viber, etc.) by going to Settings > Applications. This should save you 1GB.

I hope these tips help you. Have a good day ahead. :)

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tranminhtrung2461034 days ago

update your phone version

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diya1032 days ago

you can go to about device the tap on bildnumber afew times intel t tell you you are a developper then go to devlopper options than disable animation

you will notic a big diferance

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Oscar0011032 days ago

I use 360 Security Lite application and Z Speed + to speed up my android.

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nino20181032 days ago

How to free up memory on your android device for free! no computer needed!

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