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Fraudulent into email account! Reward $2
Created by dk2016longview, 883 days ago, 1074 views

Well, I finally got fully signed up - haven't seen an app however. But, Major reason I contacted you is:
On Monday - I noticed a $695.99 charge by Amazon on my Chase Bank Account. Went to bank and found out someone had gotten into my account. Yesterday, another situat ion - Western Union contacted me by phone wanting t o verify that I was authorizing a $638.00 money from the Chase account to a Mohamed Hamy. I told them no - that it was a problem exactly like the previous day. I again went to Chase, and they contacted Western Fraud Department, and I will be receiving those funds back as well. I have a totally new account, so hopefully, I won't have that experience again.
TODAY, I had a screen pop up that showed "tmpB2C1.tmp.v/s - Trojan Program that is used for stealing bank information and "" I was experiencing up to 30 "File Pages" on right hand column that could only be terminated by closing at one at a time.
So, Should Wise Cleaner pick up that issue, and if so, does it notify me? This is very important to me obviously. Let me hear from you please, Richard D. Kennedy

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dk2016longview883 days ago

Yes, I have received remuneration by Chase Bank for the two amounts shown, but my main worry - can Wise clean out the "trojan Program escribed above?

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baladox883 days ago

man this trojan virus wich means your antivirus is out of date here is some free antivirus you need to install to clean your system.

1) malawearbyte .
2) avira
3) update your system security from Windows update .

i recommand to download rescu CD from here
this rescu cd will boot and clean your entire system from viruses.

thats all you need bro.

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baladox883 days ago

i almose forget you need to change your credit card pin and chase password and security question/answer for more security perpous .

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aidenstone883 days ago

First things first... This is for you and for anyone else who may be reading this and experiencing issues such as yours!

- 1 you need to contact your banks (by phone!) and change your accounts. Also, go to another pc and change the passwords on all of your accounts immediately!
- 2 Boot your pc in safe mode. Uninstall all unnecessary programs or stuff that you don't remember installing. Uninstall all anti-virus software because you're Trojan might have taken up residency in one or more of them! It happens frequently. use Malwarebytes antimalware ( ) .. once its installed, you need to reboot again in Safe Mode and then the scanner needs to run it at least twice on Deep Scan... when it asks what you want to do with the files, quarentine or eliminate them, don't fix them. If you don't run it in Safe Mode, the scanner might not be able to find all of the issues. Let the scanner do its thing and have patience.
- 3 change your antivirus software as a resident safety net... Set it to run at computer startup and let it do its' thing.
- 4 do NOT do a backup disk or a restore disk until this trojan is completely out of your system, else the trojan will also be backed up and repopulate within your pc
- 5 download DrAlex from here: Run this program as well. All of these programs seem like overkill but the fact is that what one misses in cleaning your pc, the other will pick it up.
- 6 reboot your pc after you've run everything and scan it again just to be sure. You cannot be too sure when it comes to a trojan such as this one.
- 7 if you've going to use your pc to make purchases or payments online, get yourself a prepaid credit card to use online, and keep only the amount of money that you need for your bills. A prepaid card will only allow the money that's been placed on the card to be withdrawn. Don't open your personal bank accounts on this pc until you're certain that it has been thoroughly cleaned.
- 8 you might also take your pc in for a checkup to see if a keylogger has been installed on it... this needs to be done by an expert...
- 9 download and run this is a computer software audit. It will give you all of the product keys for all of your software. Keep it in a safe place because there is a chance that you may, in the long run, have to have your hard drive wiped clean and re-install your version of windows, as well as other software that you have installed already. The advisor will give you all of the product keys to re-install everything.
-10 AFTER all of this you need to install WiseRegistry Cleaner. This will eliminate all of the resident fragmented pieces in your registry. It will speed things up a LOT. Also be sure to let Wise optimize your system.
-11 Download Ccleaner as well Let it clean your system's memory then go to the tools section and remove all restore points.
-12 Goto "My Computer" and right-click on it and then goto "Properties" go to System Protection, then goto Create Restore Points. Let it do its' thing and THEN do the system backup. While you're in this screen, make sure that "Remote Assistance" is unchecked as well. This will prevent a host of things getting into your pc and ruining your day!
-13 As as added precaution, you might install ZoneAlarm firewall by CheckPoint (also free.) Again, let it do its thing. Let it also install it's own anti-virus software. Again, what one program doesn't catch then it's likely that the other one will.
-14 Be wary of what programs that you allow to self-update... I only update all of mine manually.

When you change your passowords, use numbers, caps, (some accounts now allow you to use spaces, if so, use them.) characters (@ # _ } etc). Make it long but write it down on paper and do not store in on your pc. For the time being, and until you're certain that the Trojan is gone, don't allow the Password manager from your browser to keep your passwords.

You might also change your Browser to something like Firefox ( ) I also reccoment Tor ( ) This is the most secure browser that I know of.

Some viruses and trojans creep in through ActiveX, Java, Software Updates (including Microsoft) and it's really hard to say exactly where they come from. Also, there are software download sites that will install all sorts of stuff that you neither want nor need on your pc whenever you install software that has been downloaded from those sites. Tucows, Cnet, SourceForge... these are great sites to get a LOT of free software from if you need it. Don't trust a site that you've never heard of or that looks suspicious. If you go to download from the internet, match the site name with the www address.

When you open emails and there is a link to go to in order to update your accounts DO NOT CLICK IT! Suspicious emails will address you as dear Sir or Maam, because they don't know your name, yet they want you to update or access your account through a provided link. The legitimate site is cloned by the scammers and as soon as you enter your information, the scammers immediately use it to access your accounts, change your passwords, and then start cleaning out your cash. Report any and all suspicious contact from any organization to their fraud department.

I give you all of this because once you've been attacked the chance of another one is likely... you've been listed as a Target. I strongly advise you to follow these steps as I've offered them! This is a proven system and it works! You should be sure of any emails that you open and know who they're from BEFORE opening any attachments. Likewise, don't open anything that you've downloaded from the internet while you're still online. If you do, and there's a virus infection in what you've downloaded, it's going to autimatically hook your system, go into the internet, and re-infect everything!

Be careful of what you download, be careful of the sites that you visit. You can get just as many problems from religious sites as you can porn sites so don't think that one genre of site is necessarily worse than another! Personally, I would also go to an email site such as Yandex ( ) and get a new email address, then allow Yandex to open all of your email accounts from the one client. You can also use it on your smart phone to retrieve all of your email as well.

I became well-versed in virus removal after my bank accounts were cleaned out several years ago. I never suspected a thing until one day there was nothing left in my banks. Since then, I've taken a lot of steps, including learning and becomming something of an expert in these matters, to prevent it from happening again either to me or to another!

One of these days perhaps there will be a way to eradicate trojans and viruses but for now, we're stuck with them. If you have more issues you can contact me at and I will see what I can do to help your further! Also in the meantime, educate yourself about viruses, spyware, malware, email hacking, etc. Remember that forewarned in forearmed.

Peace and Please be careful online!
(ps... if you're looking for the euask app, go to GooglePlayStore and search for it there. A great little thing to have on your phone!)

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WiseCleaner_admin883 days ago

Hi, @dk2016longview
I'm sorry to hear that.
I suggest that you should install antivirus. Wise care 365 or wise cleaner is a cleanup tool not antivirus.

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nihal29883 days ago

please use genuine antivirus while online shopping , please insure that the address bar of the website is green , try to use more secure Google chrome .

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