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Created by jackslow, 640 days ago, 1152 views

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warywolf640 days ago

Socorro, NM, though I lived most of my life in Arizona.

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baladox640 days ago

read this

Pointless questions, low quality replies

(i) Don't ask pointless questions. E.g, Today's weather is good or bad? Do you think I'm beautiful? (ii) Don't post unrelated replies. (iii) Don't simply post a URL link or an image as a reply, without personal opinions or word or two. Such as, follow this + link, watch this + link , refer to this + link, etc.

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ZzMrXzZ640 days ago

I come form Viet Nam

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AproClou640 days ago

I'm from Philippines :)

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azzromyo640 days ago

@jackslow i'm from ALGERIA

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DavidT640 days ago

Genoa, italy. The place United Kingdom bought the flag design from , even if some won't admit its historical origins. Did you know about that? Nobody does. It's so lame :P

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omarwa79640 days ago

I come form Morocco.

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aidenstone640 days ago

Yucatan, the land of paradise, cenotes, fiesta, culture, and diversity! is the perfect site to show where I'm from! (that's my personal opinion tho, but I'm still sticking to it!)

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neuropatch640 days ago

Welcome to the city of Odessa in Ukraine!

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ashkanzadeghan640 days ago

I am from Iran

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kingqc640 days ago


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nihal29640 days ago

i am from India

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huiyior639 days ago

I'm from CA

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Explosive_Micheal639 days ago

Im from sweden

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PanArcherko638 days ago

Czech Republic

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marketsgolabl638 days ago

i live in USA original from Morocco

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ourlife638 days ago

I am from any where.
I come from the earth our mother.
like you like him like an other
but I am just a human being.
with a heart and mind.
I like everyone. all human beings of different cultures of different nations of different color
for me they have one heart one mind the same

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fuadmehrali638 days ago

I am from Azerbaijan.Azerbaijan is situated on the seashore of Caspian Sea.Its very beautiful country.

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olja225588638 days ago

Hello from Lviv, Ukraine ;3

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jangsjngbum636 days ago

i'm from VietNam..
Hello, You are wonderful, handsome man. ^^

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Walphai635 days ago

Morocco :D !

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hnesa635 days ago

Germany Deutschland

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madeleine635 days ago

Durban in South Africa

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Ali15635 days ago

Cairo , Egypt

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fantasticomid633 days ago

in world country.
all friend together.

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Hassankamal777633 days ago

I am from Egypt

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tamer7632 days ago

from jordan

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eyHyao117632 days ago

@jackslow I am from TOMORROWLAND <3

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AbdelMtw632 days ago

Im from morocco :)

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PCFREAK4632 days ago

Australia, EX-Germany.

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crazyping12632 days ago

im from morocco >.>

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Pixxo632 days ago

Living in Germany :D

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jgteran632 days ago

I am from Venezuela

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diya632 days ago

i'm from ALGERIA

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wailcatalonai632 days ago

I am from ALGERIA

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Bine485615 days ago

Hi, ich lebe in Magdeburg, in Sachsen-Anhalt, in Deitschland

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nuklin609 days ago

I am from GOD almighty through the garden of Eden. He assigned me to Imo state, eastern Nigeria, from where I shall explore.

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