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Programer or not ? Reward $2
Created by DaylenRgoodes, 641 days ago, 1118 views

How to be programer?
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warywolf641 days ago

Start by erning a degree in computer science.

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chakramed641 days ago

Hi @DaylenRgoodes

Im a programmer i do code with ohp C C# C++ Asp and Ado Sqlserver JavaScript .... etc .

1' you need to learn algorithm technique and C language they are the basics .
2' try to follow some experts like youtube channels and so one .
3' try to find sime one to help you with your coding some time you will find obstacls and need some one to help you .
4' you need time and efforts .
5' I recommend to start learn basics don't go advanced from the begin.
If you need any help I'm here to give you help .


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sutajaya641 days ago

Studying the languages/Syntaxes being used, Experience Trial and Error, Published.

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aidenstone641 days ago

There is a lot to learn with programming in any language, but the first thing that I would suggest is that you really look at the subject and ask yourself if it's something that you would really like. Remember that if you do something that you enjoy, you'll never "work" a day in your life! So, is programming something that you would enjoy? Is it something that you have really researched? Do you have the aptitude, the patience, the attention to details, and the many other characteristics that being a programmer entails?

To be sure, you should check out a few FREE courses to help you get started. These are offered through Opencourseware and from various universities:

And of course you can go here (free) and check out other alternatives!

I'm a very big supporter of education and I think that it should be available to everyone equally, not just the rich and privailaged. Take advantage of these links!

Happy Learning!

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RDULAY641 days ago

If you think you are comfortable with logic formulation, then learn a computer language. Not sure what's the latest in computer languages since I belong to the old school, did FORTRAN and COBOL in my younger days when I was employed in the Middle East in the '80s.

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baladox641 days ago

"Start by erning a degree in computer science." it's not necessary to have degree only need some basics and since of creation .

"Computer Programming tutorials and source code for beginners who wish to start programming. Tutorials mainly for the .NET framework but also for other"

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ZzMrXzZ641 days ago

Here you are:

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UGEN639 days ago

try to start with notepad..

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azzromyo639 days ago

Hi @DaylenRgoodes
here you are :
and pls take time to watch:


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olja225588639 days ago

Depends of type of programmer you want to be.
Front-end developer, back-end developer, game developer, software developer - all of this spheres need a lot of time and knowledges.
You can find a good book, or a good school. You just need to be patient and you should give all your free time to it. And then you will get a result.
Here is one good web-site with good courses for wev-developers:
Or something with courses from best universities of the world:
Have a great time and may the force be with you! :)

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walidg633 days ago

hi to be a programer take a lot of your time
firstly you should begin studie language c and c++ after that you should take lesson in architecture computer because you couldn't understand language c or c++ with out understand what happen in ram and other thing, and it's important to begin studi c after c++ because c++ it's some like c but just c++ advanced than c and you should studie linux after finish all this you should studie java and database and SQL and HTML that will take may be 2 years or more just in studing . after that you will be a programer and do you application and other things :) but the programation it's complicated so you should have a Patience to finish it.
and to start your lesson you should dawnload dev c++ to put you code in language c and c++ or dawnload codeblocks . and for the lesson you could go to and othe web sit it's i hope to succes .

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SOUTSAN630 days ago

i'm programmer C#( POO) & SGBD1 & SGBD2

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edar3abdou630 days ago


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chakramed630 days ago


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Bine485614 days ago

Ich bin Webdesigner und programmiere html und php und Javascript usw.

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nino2018613 days ago

hi dear
read this

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DavidT613 days ago


You asked " programer or not"? Well to me the correct answer is.... Not.
Did i win? :D
Havwe a good day =)

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