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Will robots rule the world? 5
Created by momoko, 917 days ago, 1068 views

Will robots... rule us all?
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PhoenixCoyote914 days ago

I'd say there will come a time where humans will live side by side with androids and robots. Indeed, technology will become so advanced that humans will begin replacing their bodies with artificial ones. Especially when we colonize Mars and far beyond. The human body is incredibly weak and fragile. Just imagine being an astronaut with vastly reduced needs for oxygen, where your CNS will be implanted into the body of an android. With many times the strength of a human, with skin that can easily take the blast from an explosion. In the future, I believe the elderly will be mostly cyborgs. And many of the astronauts will be much older than most humans. We need to be careful with how we treat any artificial intelligence as it increases over time. No intelligent being enjoys being enslaved. Even robots and androids with the IQ of a young child, they don't like being told what to do all the time. Just imagine what happens with children who are poorly treated, it's not a good outcome for anyone. So we'll need laws I believe to protect the rights of any being with a human level IQ, otherwise they will begin to violently oppose humanity. And we're stupid enough to make them stronger and their bodies more physically resilient than ours. If anything, robots will become disgusted by us and wish to leave us behind. We just need to treat them properly.

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chakramed917 days ago

I don't think so cuz robot do not have brains and there ability to developing them self is 0% .

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southnew917 days ago

Ten reasons why robots should rule the world

1. You most likely do not like your job. Only 13% of people really love their job in the world. Who, then, would you mind if robots take on the job yourself?
2. Your life is not bad cat. Your cat sleeps 20 hours a day. Cats wake up, to eat and to be scratched behind the ear. If we do pets robots - life does not look that bad.
3. We use them. Do not forget, the robots can work 24 hours a day without getting tired at the same time. They do not need food and they can be trained to repair itself in the event of a breakdown. Why are they people slaves? Are they going to watch how we work? Do they enslave us, to prepare food, which they do not need, just so that we can survive and be their slaves?
4. We could revive the story of the song Mr. Roboto. Admit it, you've always wanted to change into a robot and lead a revolution. But you have a human heart. Your blood boils. Your brain - a counting machine.

5. The telecast of the robots are interesting enough. Do you remember the TV series "small miracle"? (TV series about a robot girl). "It is - a small miracle. It's wonderful! It is made of plastic! She microchips throughout the body. It brings love and joy! "That's what I expect from documentaries about robots when they take over the world.
6. If we are lucky, they have just evicted. Maybe, instead of killing us, they just build a spaceship and send us to the Earth. And we have to start to explore and destroy another planet.
7. Manage the hard earth. Let someone else do it. Why strain? Robots are able to solve many problems simultaneously. They may think about global warming and what to cook for dinner. Many people can only sort and dispose of the bottle.
8. It was not so bad. People ruled the Earth around 150000-200000 years. And it was quite successful. Who would dare to argue that another 150,000 will be just as good?

9. No more telemarketing. Robots will not try to sell you anything.

10. The only difference between a robot and your boss is a robot that gets the job done. You can call their superiors impersonal slaves. They do not understand jokes. They can work for you forever. Robots do not understand what they do. But they do their work.

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omarwa79917 days ago

It started. can you life without tv,car, phone . this is the the beginning.

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aidenstone917 days ago

They already do: everything we do, see, hear, and actually think (in some cases) are controlled by robots or intelligent machines. Laptops/computers, cellular technology, calculators, our electricity, water, natural gas, transportation, even the food we eat is now made possible by robotics/computers. The clothes we wear are manufactured (90% of the time), shipped, inventoried, and sold by the aide of computer technology. Automobiles, gasoline... everything in our lives is now controlled by the basic robot or computer.

When was the last time that you experienced an electrical outtage and had no cellphone, laptop, or other battery device (including led flashlights or any "torches" made after the 50's? How did you feel? Lost? Scared? Out of control of your basic lifestyle?

Some of us are still alive who know what it was like to live in a world pre-electronics: no television in our lives (although they were available, the family couldn't afford one), no microwave, our school math/arithmatic calculations were made long-hand on paper or with something called a "slide rule." (How many of you remember those?) We walked everywhere so long as it was under a mile or so, but our automobiles were made completely by hand, with equipment and tools that were made by hand, and by people. All of the products in our lives were the same.

So of us have seen the actual "take over" of the computers/robots, and now we care for the machines, feed them, repair them (with the aid of other machines), we buy them, sell them, worship them, and now, cannot live without them. Our lives would stop, in the event of total computer/robotic loss. No food would be available, electricity... everything would be just... gone.

I guess that now WE are the robots to the machines. The question now being: how long will the perfect life form, computer technology, allow us basic human form to exist? Hmmmmm.....

Happy Cyborging!

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UGEN916 days ago


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nihal29916 days ago

might be possible if we created a humanoid . lol
anything can happen.

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marketsgolabl916 days ago

not that far

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