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How to train my baby to learn language faster? 5
Created by byebye, 1808 days ago, 2279 views

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UGEN1808 days ago

let him/her learn a sound of letter, alphabet of letters, phonics songs, music by hearing..


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southnew1808 days ago

In general - children learn languages differently - not as adults, so adults methods do not work for children. Dictionaries, grammar references, etc. - Only to beat off a child's desire to learn the language. Children should be taught by immersion, which is not suitable for adults, but for children - at the time.
If you start as early as possible - the child will be able to learn one or two foreign languages by the age when others are just starting to try to learn a foreign language.
The main thing - is that even at the age of 2 years, you must include them some children's TV shows, songs, cartoons, fairy tales - that is, something that is interesting for them - just for the child listened intonation and sounds - if the start time , then it will be an amazing accent. And these children - will be in the future, what is called "language skills".
At the age of 2 to 6 years old - you must have a little complicate the program, but the essence - the same: the need to learn the language in context - children's books, television programs ... in general, materials that would be of interest to the child carrier language. You can talk with your child in the language (simple sentences). The main thing - in every possible way to stimulate, encourage, child leafing through these books and watch programs - not specifically need to "teach".
For children older than 7 years older suitable transmission, comics, magazines, children's books - in excess (preferably - popular, for example - about the adventures of Harry Potter). No need to make a child - just enough to put in a prominent place - he grabs. Can be encouraged to visit the sites (only decent, of course). Communicate with your child in the language - fun without coercion.
If the child does not like the language - it is possible to carry out activity 1 time per week: first see him on TV in English, and then play video games.

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DavidT1808 days ago


The best way for him to learn is listening. So keep speaking to your son pretending he's adult and even if he doesn't understands he will learn soo fast. .. I learned to speak so early for my age bcause my mom did so :P
Avoiding the "dooo-bee-doo" stupid speech people uses with children also helps a lot


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TheSpecialist1807 days ago

Regarding the language development in early childhood, the common knowledge is focused on the aspects of production, that is, on what the child says. In reality, what the child is capable of saying is strictly related to the development of other skills: cognitive and emotional development, listening and discrimination of sounds and words.

The language cannot develop in a harmonious and competent manner without the presence of the above mentioned skills.

For proper language stimulation, contrary to popular belief, it is more useful the encouragement of the listening of the language spoken by people around instead of the production of words of the child. To do this, it is good to talk with a slow pace and well articulated, but natural. The use of language by the adult who is with the child should be contextual, that is, with constant references to what happens around and verbalizing as possible what you are doing (for instance, playing together) or what will happen immediately after, at least up to 2 years and a half.

At 3 years, the child is able to use the language also referring to experiences distant in time and space.
On this topic , some useful tips by clips are available here:

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DaylenRgoodes1807 days ago

breafly . he must too much in order to speak too much it' the listalk theory

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nihal291806 days ago

listining to music , sound of letter , a toy with letters and words audio will be very helpful for you( your kid)

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aidenstone1806 days ago

Training a child to talk is one of the most amazing things that you can do! But follow a little advice:

Don't use "baby-talk." Talk to your child just as though he/she is an adolescent so they will learn the correct words and not ga-ga, ba-ba, etc-etc.

Let him/her watch PBS kids shows, cartoons, etc... they will mimick the sounds they hear and the colors in the shows keep their attention better than you might think.

Talk to him/her frequently. Show your baby things and tell what they are used for.

Teach your child the ABCs but be patient, speak slowly and clearly, and above all, speak with a smile on your face. This will give your child the idea that what you're teaching is fun and a good thing.

Don't yell or raise your voice around your child. He/or she will learn to do the same.

Don't use curse words or profanity around your child and I say this for a couple of reasons: this seems to be the first thing the child picks up, and, they're going to learn it soon enough when they get to school!

Don't allow others to use prejucial words or statements etc around your child because the child will pick up on it and think its ok because others around them are doing it. Remember that your child is only mimicking the things that you present to him/her!

Raising a child is a blessing, and being able to teach them anything and everything is so rewarding! Take advantage of this time that you have and learn as you teach. Remember that a child's cognitive development generally stops at around 16 to 18 years of age... teach them all that you can early in life! This includes, counting, numbers, yes even fractions, let them play on a keyboard (the vibrations, believe it or not) can help with mathematical development. Play music at a low volume but let your child listen to a variety of music... the classical sounds (Motzart, Beethoven, etc) actually help in the childs mental development!

Remember: speak clearly, slowly, with a smile, and explain things to your child in a normal, adolescent tone even though he/she is still a baby. They will pick up on the tone and mimick you.

Good luck and I hope that all works well for you! Be strong, have patience, and enjoy every moment of this time in your life. (ps... take a LOT of pics for the memories!)

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fuadmehrali1805 days ago

The way to teach langeage to baby is different.One of the way teach by pictures and explain the meaning of picture.

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paulcline71770 days ago

SECRET!!!! From age 2-4/5 kids can learn passively as many languages as they are exposed to!!!! Turn the TV to the Spanish Channel and Let them Listen a couple hours a day ... then The French Channel .. etc!!! Use The Radio/CD?MP3 player the same way in their bedroom ... or you can download CDs/MP3 of different languages :) EXPOSURE IS THE KEY!!!

Prof. Paul J. Cline Ed.D

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byebye1732 days ago


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ShelleyT1717 days ago

From personal experience, I really recommend both parents speaking to the child in a different language. Then the child grows up naturally in a language-rich environment, and subconsciously learns both languages simultaneously. It will come naturally to them, and they won't even realise that they know 2 languages - they'll just know that they speak THIS way to Mummy, and THAT way to Daddy.

It's the fastest, easiest, most pain-free method! Tried and tested!


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