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Best anti virus software? Reward $220
Created by baladox, 951 days ago, 1743 views

I need best anti virus software. defender is not ok at all any suggestion please !
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marketsgolabl950 days ago

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chakramed950 days ago

Hi @baladox ,

for free antivirus avira is the best .

for paid antivirus kaspersky + bitdefender .

you can go and check


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Nac950 days ago

The BEST is Wise Care Its Really Good I Use I And sIt Does Not Mess Up Anything Like Norton :)

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Skyduke950 days ago

Eset Smart Security v7 to v9.Version depends of OS.Win XP and Vista use v7,other (Win 7,8,8.1 and 10) work on ESS v9.It's not free.30 days of free trial.More informatios on:
Eset Smart Security

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Okieboy7950 days ago

Well baladox, The best one that I have found is "AVAST" Anti-Virus, simply because It Works and it's "FREE", but I now have the Premium Version and it's got a lot of Extras and well worth it, Ya know !! It has saved me a lot of Trips to the Computer Repair Shop, Headaches and Grief !! It works alone, with Real Time Monitoring, (in other words It's On, All The Time!) and It works well with Malwarebytes Anti-malware, and all the other software too! It takes care of all the Potential Virus Infections and Malwarebytes takes care of all the Infectious Malware, BTW, My machine is a Dell Dimension 3000, running Windows XP sp3, all Tweaked Peeked so I have and Oldie but Goodie !! But believe you Me, There's a lot Crap out there on the Internet and it getting Worse Every Day, ya know! So You would be better off with the Good Stuff ya know, Why not It's FREE !! And I have Never had a Problem, that It Could Not Fix !!! Okieboy7 .... Enjoy......

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jason393950 days ago

Avast is always number 1 and its free.
Visit to get it free.

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crazyping12950 days ago

I'm using AVG free antivirus atm and i think its the best free antivirus in 2016, it has every utility that you would want an antivirus to have.

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ckoch950 days ago

i use a paid avast, and a paid webroot, avast has its own firewall. Webroot stops bad downloads as does avast, avast blocks bad webpages and is awesome that way. It does a deep scan with the computer off. I clean up my browsers with superantispyware and have a paid wisecare 365 which I run daily.

My computers run like magic now if I could only have hardware that doesn't break down. The expense is well worth it. If you can't afford that then do the free avast and get a good firewall.

I was always in a mess before we put avast paid and webroot paid on our computers. Before we paid I used what I suggested above the free avast and a firewall. Download a free copy of wisecare 365

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Aircatcher950 days ago

Theres nothing wrong with Bitdefender, but the thing is that you have to re-customize it to make it actually fit into Windows 10.
I've been using it for around 3 months in Windows 10.

Try to disable the profile settings. Do you need profile automation? If so then leave it on, but it is better to turn it off.

Don't ever mix two or more antiviruses. It is just an answer to overkill your computer.

If you ask about comparisons, there are tons of it in the internet, but which one would you trust?
But still, Bitdefender is on #1 on some comparison websites.

F Mu

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delainey71950 days ago

I find Norton 360 to work very well...

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aliabol123950 days ago


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Crucio950 days ago

All these answers are good and bad in some way.
There are few defenders u can use. Norton is not so good... unless they changed something drmatically over last 6 months.
Avast or AVG Free are what u should go for.
TBH I FOUND AVG MORE RELIABLE AND SYSTEM FRIENDLY THEN AVAST but its my own impression. U might like more Avast.
The fact is if u take trial avg with 1 month full protection it will clean your system and u wont need to pay a dime for it. U just downgrade it to free version after month is gone.
Also womeone wrote here about wise care.. well its more of system tune-up/clean-up tool then real protection. And u should use it also. It does solid work.

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baladox950 days ago

thank you all but what im looking for a free antivirus working with low system resource ?

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marketsgolabl950 days ago

then go with avira is best free Av in web give it a try

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neuropatch950 days ago

Best Antivirus for Windows 7 or Windows 8:
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2016 - This program is designed for ordinary users and is very easy to use for power users. Maximum independent testing laboratory has given them a very high rating. This antivirus program has a convenient user interface and covers all stages of online and offline protection for your computer or laptop. Clockwise update the database if there is an internet connection.

Bitdefender Antivirus 2016 - Is another antivirusnik with a known name in the security industry, which belongs to the highest class of security. This program checks hourly update of the virus database and offers alarm levels. To protect your computer or laptop using the P2P network and startup registry, but do not have enough e-mail scanning in real-time.
Trend Micro Antivirus on 2016 - Trend Micro Antivirus software is another well-known security tool that provides protection against spyware, adware, and at the same time providing protection from viruses. Remote lock files - another great feature that provides security for private files in the absence of a laptop or PC. Their P2P file sharing and the registry, as well as scanning a large scale is significantly improved compared to previous versions.

Norton Antivirus Internet Security 2016 - is one of the most popular age and anti-virus software for computer security. Their latest version allows you to display a wireless home network and ensures safe network connections, Wi-Fi in real time. They provide daily updates of virus databases, but a very poor support for P2P File Sharing Startup and registry to protect your computer.

AVAST Antivirus on 2016 - AVAST Software assurance - this is the second trusted name in the security industry as they provide reliable anti-virus program that beeps when finding suspicious programs in the operating system. Antivirus provides a full set of programs needed to ensure the full protection of your computer from viruses and spyware online or offline. This allows users to use two layers of protection.

AVIRA Free Antivirus 2016 - instantly protects computers against viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, adware and other malicious software. This security tool has won many awards for excellent service for the protection of computers. Their 2-layer protection system carries a multi functional capabilities for conventional and advanced users.


All these anti-virus programs are free and paid versions, so you can test any program in trial period, it lasts 30 days. If I missed the best antivirus software in this list, leave comments and this article will be updated.

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surajtelkar1994950 days ago

Follow av-test results type
The AV-TEST institute is a leading international and independent service provider in the fields of IT security and anti-virus research
I Hope this will help you a lot to find out right anti-virus

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mehome949 days ago

I have SecureAPlus as additional for one of most known firewall, on my PC. And I like SecureAplus. It scans any executable file and compares it to all known online antivirus databases. But it spends a lot of internet traffic.

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jamaicascout949 days ago

I prefer AVAST,..its FREE,..give you very good protection,..and always new updates,.inform you immediately when you open a bug page.. and it dont speed down your PC / Smart Phone by internet activities. If you buy then you have full protection in all kind of internet activities.

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nihal29949 days ago

if you are faceing usb virus Avast can help you for free ,its boottime scan fix all vernebilities before pc boots , nife i am using it in my laptop, its great .
they are serving scince 25 years .
if you are looking for a paid one its Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2016 .


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aidenstone949 days ago

I would suggest that WiseCare is the best, but I also use ZonealarmFree which is a firewall and anti-virus program in one. I will go on to suggest that there are a few very reliable programs that you can (and should) use frequently to keep your system clean and free of stuff that makes your pc all infected and stuff:

Trojans, spyware, viruses, etc are really hard to get rid of sometimes so I make sure that I keep my machines running smooth and checked for viruses with various brands because what one doesn't find, another might! Be sure to use Wise Registry Cleaner as well because by removing a lot of registry fragments and pieces (where viruses sometimes like to reside) you're eliminating their hangouts but you're also speeding up your pc in the process!

Remember: Free is good; free is our friend!

Peace and happy virus hunting!

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didi61949 days ago

I use " Trend Micro " and Iam very glad. I mean it is not too eypensive,

Greetings from Germany !!!

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southnew949 days ago

1. Kaspersky Anti-Virus.
2. Avast Internet security.

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DavidT949 days ago


You want a free and light AV that works just great? Try Panda Security Free! Blocks virusesd & ARP attacks, and comes with a lot of features such as game booster mode that kills unnecessary processes and much more!

Panda antivirus used to be the best since ever but not much people know about it. Try and see yourself, then choose my answer if im right :D


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csa_k948 days ago

It all depends, as you use your computer. You must make your experiences!
However with ESET Smart Security there is not a technical compromise. It is relatively small. It blocks viruses and all possible spywäre and adware. Protects the banks on the Internet. It's not free, but can be found on Internet offers, for ewample on Facebook, or giveaway pages longer trial. Is it worth the effort.
Panda is almost as good, but it is ofter false alarm. Avast or AVG is also very good, but these fail to block adware -you have also the adwcleaner press often:

they are current:

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PCFREAK4948 days ago

All the protection is useless if the user by-passes / allows / click's on stuff.

- Windows-Defender
- MalwareBytes Anti-Malware
- MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit
- Spybot-2 (only for the immunisation of the hosts)
- Zemana AntiLogger
- Zemana AntiMalware
- UnHackMe
- Hitman
- Adguard
- Unchecky
- Sandboxie

The thing is, if you go to bad sites, then you have so or so to decide if the stuff is ok or not, because there are just too many false-positives and if you don't go to bad sites, then normally your Brain + Defender would be enough.

I had my last infection in 2009 and it was my fault, because I let it in and by-passed my protection, but it was a new / un-known one back then and the worm spread faster then my protection could clean it and after 2 weeks of fighting against it I had to give up, because it always came back.

Just don't just click on everything and take your time to read certain pop-up's first.

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yemioke948 days ago

the best antivirus so far that i can recommend is Bitdefender Total security. try it and see

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igor948 days ago

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate - with built-in antivirus software to optimize, clean and speed up of OS Windows (uses BitDefender technology) + program proprietary algorithms.

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omarwa79948 days ago

the best antivirus is pay avast .

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CrazyIEEE947 days ago


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maisormyatsorjar380 days ago


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eusjur283 days ago

Лучшим антивирусом является: bitdefender и panda protection.
Они не грузят систему, могут работать совместно и не конфликтовать между собой.

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