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How does education improve our lives? Reward $2
Created by AF, 1044 days ago, 2623 views

Have you noticed that education has improved our lives? and how?
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ZzMrXzZ1044 days ago

Education helps reduce poverty by preparing individuals to contribute productively in work environments. A minimum level of completed education is often required for obtaining a job. People who are more highly educated tend to earn more money on average than those with lower levels of education. Learning about real-world transactions, such as investments and retirement planning, helps people avoid financial struggles and poverty.
Disease prevention is a benefit of education that affects humanity. Teaching people how to avoid dangers and risks for contracting diseases is important for halting the spread of diseases. Health is also impacted by education through the knowledge of dietary requirements. Consuming recommended amounts of nutrients is beneficial for maintaining and improving health. Knowing what to do in accidents or emergency situations is another way that education contributes to health.
Education promotes peace and diplomacy, and understanding people with cultural differences has positive effects socially. Learning about various countries and cultures gives many people a greater appreciation for life. The ability to understand multiple perspectives improves problem-solving and decision-making skills. Through contributing to personal development and growth, education helps to build character.

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Walphai1043 days ago

While i might not agree with the education systems governments and countries use, i still think that education is a primary and important thing in life.You can learn things by reading books, watching educational videos or documentaries, or even just by asking people that you know are knowledgeable about something you are interested in.
As for how it improves our lives, i think that it does it by making us stand out and understand how things work and how we can make things and people work for our benefit.Thus taking advantage of more opportunities which will in return make our lives easier.
Take this platform (Euask) for example, you are looking for an answer to your question, and i have the knowledge required to answer it (English, plus an informed opinion about the benefits of education); your question is then an opportunity for me to get 2$, as long as i take the effort to answer it, and if i hadn't had the knowledge or the English language skills required to answer it, this wouldn't have been an opportunity for me, and i would have lost in an opportunity to win a 2$ pay.
I hope this answers well to your question :3 have a nice day!

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CoolCat1043 days ago

I'd say education is necessary, but in many cases, a degree is nothing more than an expensive sheet of paper, it gives you a common knowledge that is enough for living. But today’s educational system designed more to familiarize, not educate.
Self-education is very important too, it can mean many different things to different people, but it always expands the mind and evolves the brain. The pursuit of knowledge does not require a degree, so take the time to read, study topics and subjects of your own interest, learn new skills, find constructive hobbies etc. Self-education also can help you to find a good job, make new friends, easily communicate with like-minded people.
Personally, my life changes as I grow older and acquire extensive knowledge, it's a really great thing.

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ryanaxis1043 days ago

simple because education is the ladder to your good career

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marketsgolabl1043 days ago

Education is important especially for young kids because it is when they are still young that their minds are open and teachable, and it’s a time of life when they view things with innocence and receptiveness.

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DavidT1042 days ago

Education leads to a natural open mind and positive thinking, which is the trigger of everything good that can happen to you, also by making the environement around you a better and warmer place for everyone including you, and not YOU FIRST anymore.

Education makes you understand that every actions means a counterreaction...Either positive or negative that is.
Also, you experience less fear from the things you don't know about.

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andiupn1040 days ago

Yes thats true...

the simple answer... "it can change how we think and planning"

to improve our life, we must use the best solution as we can... and the way to make our work better and better...
and education is "sharpening" that part :D

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southnew1040 days ago

Step 1. Increase the demands on themselves. Start, as we already know, you should always with yourself. Work on your self-esteem, because it is from it, ultimately depends on the quality of your life. How do you assess yourself, and the world pays you - money, relationships, opportunities, people. "According to your faith will be rewarded to you" - believe that you deserve the best, and it will come. Come not some magical way, but as a result of work on oneself: investing in yourself, your education and experience, expanding its borders, you are investing in your life, and it brings amazing income in the form of better quality of life.

Step 2: Raise the requirements for the outside world. When talking to some person you know well that dialogue does not quite live up to your standards, or embark on an attempt to improve the quality of communication, or remove it from your life. Do not settle for less when it comes to respect for you, good with treatment you of your rights and freedoms, your emotional comfort and psychological security. In this area compromises inappropriate, since lead to lower strap requirements. Use the "greed is small" as motivation. Overestimates the bar for your comfort, kitchen utensils and their clothes. I'm not a fan of over-consumption, and I think that one does not need a lot of things, but the quality of the few material goods that he possesses, should be at a height - choosing what to buy three cheap shirt or one good for the money, do you assess your image. Do not make a bad bargain, because it is also affects the self-esteem.

Step 3: Maintain and raise the bar of their claims. In carrying out the first steps, you will notice that your quality of life improves. Over time, life is arranged the way you want, there will be a loved one, a favorite thing, a good income, comfort and well-being. On the one hand, it is important to keep the standard of living, and on the other, to raise them to a new level, doing something unselfishly and not for himself. Think of others, help them with advice, money, action, help others improve their quality of life, not just giving them material help, but teaching them how to "fish" on their own.

The more you give, the more you get, and there's no reason not to start to do it now. Robert Kiyosaki says that, whatever the object of your desires, first give it. Do you want money - donate money for charity. Want to help - help someone first. Would you like to be loved - give love. The easiest way to raise living standards and improve the quality of life - sincerely and selflessly to give the world what it needs.

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azzromyo1037 days ago

Hi @AF
being educated that means that you are in better position when it comes to pursuing your dream career , education also can open doors into whole that you may not discover if you were not educated because you will probably be more likely to mix with people with similar interest to your self and be able to share experiences that otherwise you would have been denied

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aidenstone1037 days ago

I'm a great pusher of education! To me, education is like a drug that's addicting and I constantly am looking for new pushers and places where I can find it. When I can't find it, I get mental withdrawal symptoms. I'm wondering when and where I'll eventually overdose. But education doesn't just come in the form that gets us that diploma on the wall! While this is a necessary thing to have these days, to secure a job, to move to higher education, etc, there are still other forms of education that we need in our lives.

Education allows each person to express his/her knowledge in so many different ways... it allows us to communicate effectively with others and allows others to communicate with us. It let's us reach out to teach, to learn, to grow, to build lasting ties with our next-door neighbors as well as people from around the world. Education allows us to learn of other cultures, other social situations, and other languages. It allows us to better ourselves not just as indivuals but also as a great society. It allows us to help others in so many different ways, and also teaches us the value of passing on knowledge to others.

But there is another type of education that so many people overlook and that's the education that we get from birth within our own respective families. We learn the social skills to interact with others while we're still at home; as children, adolescents. It is where we (are supposed) to learn the basics in life: dignity, pride, communication, love, integrity, respect, tolerance, as well as inner strength, honesty, and compassion. These things are, in my opinion, the most important things in life because without these elemental foundations, what we learn in more formal settings have no solid foundations. We learn at home how to talk, communicate, and the essence of right and wrong. At home we learn the value of respect of others and learn to tolerate the shortfalls of others as well as our own. We learn to overlook petty issues and instead to focus on things that more affect us not just as individuals, but as families; the basis for societal interactions. We learn how to express our emotions and how to help others when they need emotional support.

There is knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom in the classes of education. Knowledge is what you get by observing, listening, and interacting with others. Intelligence is what you get from schools, books, experimenting, etc. Wisdom is the ability to know when, and when NOT to, use our knowledge and intelligence. Wisdom is the ability to how to use what we have, where to use it, as well as when to use it. (Or NOT to use it.) Socrates said that "The more that I know, the more I know that I don't know!" And there is the fact that innocense is the opposite of wisdom and once you achieve wisdom, you can't go back to innocense. Hence the question: if you knew then what you know now, would you learn more or just stay innocent?

In short, a full well-rounded education gives us that which separates us from other creatures that walk the earth. It lets us learn from our mistakes, learn from the mistakes of others, and to survive in the face of adversity and challenge. And not just survive, but to grow and to expand our self-esteem, self-reliance, and inner strength. It's something that all to often is taken for granted by some, sought dilligently by others, and escapes those who cannot grasp the meaning and the essence of what education really is. Ut allows us to teach individuals with learning difficulties and impairments which keeps them from achieving what others take for granted all to often.

So no matter from what sources, or where we gain our intelligence, no matter if we learn from our parents, peers, or our children, education in any form is necessary to improve our lives as well as the lives of others around us.


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prosemania863 days ago

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