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Which brand logo do you like best? Reward $2
Created by Lisaly, 956 days ago, 1425 views

A logo is comprised of three main segments, and these are the colors, the icons and the font, all of which work together to convey a message to your consumer and define your brand. It takes each of these components to deliver the full message. Which logo impressed you deepest? Why?
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CoolCat955 days ago

The Fedex logo design is one of my favourite. Interesting fact, if you look at the picture you can see a right-pointing arrow that is created by the negative space between the letters 'E' and 'X'. Subliminally, the FedEx reports to its customers that it is a speedy, reliable and forward thinking company.

The other one that I like is WWF logo, the latest version.

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ZzMrXzZ956 days ago

I like Michelin for their imagination:

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maren956 days ago

What you think about rolex logo: look at pictures:

Is good design, with message that is a king in world of horlogery

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Walphai955 days ago

The Facebook Logo is the one that i find the most interesting.
Because, it is a simple logo, yet so recognizable.Moreover, when Facebook made its logo the trend of simple recognizable logos haven't had started yet.
Just show the logo to random people, and you will see how easy it is to remember and recognize.This alone, makes it interesting in itself.
I hope this answers well to your question :3

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CoolCat955 days ago

@Walphai "Moreover, when Facebook made its logo the trend of simple recognizable logos haven't had started yet."

Actually, I don't think so. Look at the Apple logo in the middle, made in 1976, it has been modified, but it's still recognizable and very simple at first glance.

But as a matter of fact all logos are the products of a long design process.

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marketsgolabl955 days ago

i like Adidas

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DavidT954 days ago

This.. of course XD WHO on earth doesn't love it? <3 <3 <3

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nihal29953 days ago

simply the best is apple inc. logo , which is trusted world wide .

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NOLDaemon953 days ago

KFC. Because it reminds me of getting KFC with my family as a child.

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PhoenixCoyote949 days ago

Twinings, their tea is the best.

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Xfile51948 days ago

Coke (Coka Cola) its the real thing, a hundred yrs old

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FixitJorge948 days ago

Ok, The logo that impressed me the most is Google's Logo because it's reasonably simple, uncluttered, softly colorful, and friendly.
I also enjoy Google's use of the sans-serif typeface. in my eyes this makes the Font design look much more modern and very adaptable than the previous font they've used.
ultimately the soft playful colors yet unadorned font converge together in a united fashion that breathes life into the Google Logo making it Very Memorable. only one concept flutters in my mind when i see it. The concept of simplicity and ease of use.

Minimalism is the art of saying more by saying less.
Fads change like the weather, but the sun always comes up, and the sky is always blue. Google isn't using the flashiest fonts, or the coolest styles.
Google boldly takes the minimalist approach by trimming off the extra embellishments making it a timeless masterpiece. it's daring personality is
another reason why i admire Google. i believe this is cleverly reflected in it's Logo design beneath it's spare apparent figure if you can decipher it.

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