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Which mobile operating system is best Reward $5
Created by peiresimon, 1005 days ago, 1642 views

Which mobile operating system is best and why !
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baladox1001 days ago

Comparison Of Top Mobile OS

for more look here,2817,2478405,00.asp

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chakramed1005 days ago

Hi @peiresimon ,

If i have to choose between IOS and android, I prefer android over IOS for the reason that its open-source, means that the majority of the apps are free, and you get more cutting edge apps.
The android market already has 250.000 apps closing in on apple 500.000. Some say it will surpass it before the year is over.
Also any popular iPhone game or game adaptation can be found in the android market for free.

Other features only on android :
- Turn-by-turn voice GPS
- No need to connect to computer to sync
- Here is a big one, add a SD card
- Live wallpaper
- Better calls
- widgets, More customization
- More powerful hardware
- Flash support, watch ALL the online videos

this graph can resume all this text :


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Skyduke1005 days ago

Symbian S60 v2 3 etc.It's the best from east to the west.

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kooonik1101005 days ago

Apple IoS rOoXxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

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andiupn1004 days ago

Apple IOS in my opinion...

since it :
1. secure, and have option to user to choose the app is access contact, position, and other privat setting or not, so user choose it self, not force to must use it.
2. the application, eventhough not all app free.. but the apps is really have good quality apps, and we can use the 1st apps before it port to another mobile OS
3. the use IOS to another OS like MacOS is really seamless... not headache... just use it and it will works ....
4. we never have confuse to use it... its soo easy to use and setting
5. never have time to waste again... cause of malware or confusing setting just consen your life to another productive time, cause of that many CEO like IOS... ^_o

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igor1004 days ago

Android is one of the best operating systems and is considered a serious threat to the iPhone. Many new features have been introduced, which have played a significant role in the success of Android. Google Play is the official app market, which contains millions of different applications for devices based on Android.Android is of the best!!!

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nihal291004 days ago

android is simply the best , having a lot of feature , a lot of customization.
connectivity .

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ZzMrXzZ1004 days ago

I like Symbian for ít durability and stability. However, take a look at these:

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omarwa791004 days ago

the IOS system is the best , it is the safest , Do not slow down with time and more stable than other systems

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marketsgolabl1004 days ago

Android is the best developed by Google and there is a news version Called Android N instead of Android M

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neuropatch1003 days ago

In our time, an endless number of mobile operating sistem.V mainly these system based on Linux.Razberem ONLY pros and cons of these OS.



+ Open system

+ Availability

+ Support for Flash

+ A huge number of software


-Compatible Software on different machines

-Dolgoe Update is not top models to new versions

-Small Number of hours of battery life




+ No IOS disease (file transfer via Bluetooth and file manager)

+ User-friendly interface

+ Reasonable price

+ Excellent design and housing


-Trudnost Break for installing paid programs


-No Familiar programs such as Opera or Skype


Blackberry OS


+ Excellent phone. Reception quality / sound signal transmitting and receiving.
+ Excellent speakerphone. Do you want to - the conference want in a car without a headset ... The best there is.
+ High speed UI. Get used to the rest of the devices will seem wild brakes.
+ The unique mechanism of the network (BIS / BES)
+ The best on the market organizer
+ Work with e-mail (up to 10 boxes on the machine, with the trick, you can get more)
+ Notification systems such what you will not find on any smartphone
+ All applications are interrelated as possible, including third-party applications
+ Excellent, if not the best screens for smart phones of its class (I'm talking about the top models)
+ Keyboard ... very convenient for working with text
+ Mode "always online" applications using BIS / BES connection


- For normal operation, it is necessary to connect to the Internet BIS / BES
- No navigation in Russia
- No VoIP (consider that there is, because that is - not functional)
- No Voice Skype (consider that there is, because as they say in "walkie-talkie" mode - the last century)
- No phone records
- BIS / BES Internet can not be used except on smatrfone. Connect your laptop will not be able




+ IOS - the best platform for the developer!

+ Hard iron and a bunch of software.

+ Competent work with the battery.

+ Proper multitasking.

+ Work with wireless communications.

+ Easy to learn.


-ITUNES (Who yuzal understand)

-No flash




+ Wide range of devices

+ Linux kernel


-like those not detected (except a small amount of software)


Symbian ^ 3


+ Which lacked multitouch

+ Three desktops

+ Powerful processor

+ Large number of applications


-multitach (a maximum of two touch)


-The symbian system has long outlived its usefulness


Windows Phone


+ A full withdrawal from the obsolete Windows Mobile, expressed including the lack of support for legacy applications;

+ Novation tiled Metro interface

+ Transparent support Xbox-games and complete integration with the service Xbox Live

+ Zune-media player

+ Productive set of minimum requirements for hardware phones

+ Ban on the modification of a factory interface that solves the problem of fragmentation and branch platform

+ Partnership with many major vendors


-no copy-paste functions, multitasking, support for SD-card, HTML5, Flash and Silverlight in Web pages, integration with Twitter

-nevozmozhnost exploitation phone as a modem

It is a relatively poor capacity mobile office package Microsoft Office

forbiddenness to use C ++ to develop programs

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Walphai1003 days ago

Android by far, because it gives you the possibility to customize as many things as you can think off,it's free, and it's both easy to use, and if you are a developer it gives you more things to program than IOS. Thus, the majority of programmers, developers, harckers etc prefer Android over IOS.

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Vitalykursk1003 days ago


Best Operating System Windows 7 if we take desktop computer. If you take the phone, the IOS 9.2

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naveen_71002 days ago

if u want security go for ios and if u want simplicity and customization go for android

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ourlife1002 days ago

to tell you the truth in a few words, here:
the phone is made of software and hardware,
softwares ! this is the same for all, the difference is in the hardware: the best mark is that using original materials of high quality, which makes the difference in prices, I believe that samsung and apple made the most of advances, but continued concurrency ...
then, the choice between iOS and Android makes the difference, it depends on your way to use the phone

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southnew1002 days ago

iOS the best!

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ha141000 days ago

if you use mac and outlook then go with ios. IOS has easy to use interface.
Android application ask special permissions and ios applications do not ask that.
You can easily root android os if it is what you look for.
If it is security that you look for then go with ios, you are served by Appstore.

Android has the best Notification feature Google Now
How to get the best out of Google Now

Which Mobile Operating System Is Best? Android vs IOS Vs Windows Mobile 10

at the end it depends what you look for and how you will use your phone.

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peiresimon1000 days ago

A warm thank you for all your help.

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