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Is it OK to skip dinner everyday? Reward $3
Created by au52, 956 days ago, 1587 views

As we known that it will be better to eat less for dinner, If we don't have dinner everyday, what will happen? Is that OK?
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nihal29955 days ago

you should not completly skip dinner every day , some times you can take liquid dite or health subliments to mentain the protine requirement of your body , its always better to take less dinner , and if you want to lose weight try to take less fats and less calory food in brakefast and dinner , never ever try to eat sweet stuff at night , try to take juice before 1 pm , as many drs . said after 1pm its nutritants are converted into waste .

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DavidT956 days ago


According to studies, it's definately more healty for you if you eat a LIGHT dinner regularly ,it's surely more healty than overeating or skipping at all.

Having a very light dinner is the best choice for various reasons, it will help you to sleep well when you go to bed and you will wake up more fresh and energic, and your overall health will benefit as well.

It 's also best if you are on a diet, too! because your metabolism will keep working overnight wich will do good to you in that case.

For further informations, please visit

Regards ;)

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chakramed956 days ago

Hi @au52 ,

It's very important that you have you have your daily 3 meals. a large breakfast, small lunch and a medium size dinner. As long as your having snacks during the day after lunch the whole dinner thing may not be a big deal. Your not going to die if you don't have dinner but it's better if you try to eat something at night between 5-7


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Aguru956 days ago

You should eat frequently but a little at a time. Evening meal must be light, an apple will be ok.
If you are a night-owl then you necessarily have to eat something in the evening, but two hours before going to bed.

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ZzMrXzZ956 days ago

Well, if you are not hungry and don't have to do any heavy things late at night, then skip your dinner. I have skipped dinner for years and it's still okay

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igor955 days ago

If I do not eat before going to sleep, then I wake up at night from hunger.

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Nac955 days ago

Its Better To Have A Little Dinner Then TO Not Have At All Dont Skip It I Usted To The I Started Feeling Dizzy And Started Vomiting So Dont Stop Eating


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inu955 days ago

So nothing bad on skipping dinner (as long as your lunch was nutritious and large enough).

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syscware03955 days ago

Yes, i never take dinner for over 12 years, and im doing exercise, im in good shape,
, you get used ti, ask me_

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neuropatch954 days ago

If you have a lot and work hard then skip dinner not worth it!

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omarwa79954 days ago

It depends on your weight and a time when you go to sleep. That you are a weak infrastructure, yes, and that I was not a fat and a thousand times no

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serezha954 days ago

Skip dinner is not recommended, because during sleep the body also consumes energy. Perhaps, you notice that if you do not have dinner, then you wake up at middle of the night because of hunger. You can not stand and raid the fridge, so you eat more food than you could eat for dinner.

What is eaten at night, turns into fat only if fill your stomach with heavy fat food. But the same thing happens when you allow yourself to eat harmful food during the day. Food and splits substantially equally absorbed in the digestive system at any time. Part of the food converts to energy, and other food body sends all the excess fat.
So it is dangerous to overeat and eat junk food. From wholesome food at reasonable doses not grow fat, day or night.

Even at night, when we are inactive, the body needs energy. It is required for the heart, lungs and brain. Therefore, it is better not to miss dinner. Eat two hours before sleep is just fine.

For dinner is best to eat:
dishes from beef or poultry (without skin)
cooked or raw vegetables.
You can eat a carbohydrate food for dinner (not candy or cookies):
pasta from durum wheat,
whole grain breads.
Just before bedtime you can drink a glass of milk or yogurt.
Such a diet will not only maintain a feeling of satiety for the next day, but also help reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Be healthy and acrivia! Good luck!

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