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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge VS Apple iPhone 6Plus 5
Created by daydream, 1046 days ago, 1514 views

What will you choose?

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marketsgolabl1045 days ago

hello , i have experienced them both and i prefer Samsung Galaxy S6 edge very strong and more option available also you can customize , but iphone is not as that beauty as Samsung

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chakramed1046 days ago

Hi @daydream ,

in my point of view i think : the winner is "Samsung Galaxy S6 edge"

look here and see deference,Samsung-Galaxy-S6-edge/phones/8908%2C9193


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omarwa791046 days ago

I like Iphone 6 plus

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nihal291046 days ago

iphone 6 plus if you are looking for great camera for selfies and your own personal assistant siri , ohh siri is the best . hands free commands to siri , she will do it for you. 3d touch in iphone 6 plus. at last its apple's iphone , dude just go for it . now...

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Aguru1046 days ago

As for me iPhone is better but you should make a choise from your needs. If you need for instance to have an access to all system files of your device Samsung would be good at this, for cool design and camera choose iPhone.
Visual comparison of these 2 -

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olja2255881045 days ago

Nothing from this list

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good_man1045 days ago

Galaxy S6

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kooonik1101044 days ago

Apple 6s the best

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FahadRahman1044 days ago

I think apple worths more if some one spending on ahigh end laxurious smartphone,

Samsung almost copied design in s6 of apple 6,
Yes if samsung gives 3Gb of ram but apple device are performing the same tasks on same speed on 1 gb of ram so if we consider that hardware of apple is more powerful.

Samsung interface vs apple ios can not be comparable as always not a single os can beat ios on performance or on graphics bases

Samsung alwars tries to beat apple model ,after always realeasing of new apple model they do add more hardware and put there new model to beat apple.


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CrazyIEEE1040 days ago

iphone is the securitist phone on the world

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rtanner47921 days ago

Again this isn't simple. I have owner both as well. If your looking for rooting capabilities then the Android Samsung phone but that uses Touch-wiz which is a tremendously bloated version of Android and runs tons of apps in the background. You can disable them but if their is an update it re-enables them (Thanks Samsung) which is why people start rooting their phones If you have never used stock Android such as on a Google Nexus series you really don't even know what android is supposed to run like.

Apple gives you no control but uses it's resources more efficiently. It also had more bands by default by far which can mean better connectivity. Samsung is a mess when it comes to switching back and forth between WiFi and cell networks. Their is a known bug for this inherent in Touch-wiz.

I don't personally use I phones as they have no control. Although, ugh, hate to say this, for the average users I phone might be better. I preferred the Samsung slightly but that was due to the screen and it was before the I Phone plus series. I would never go with a phone I couldn't root but that is me. The average user doesn't need that they need quick connectivity between wifi and cell networks and a beautiful screen running an efficient OS. If you measure those things. It doesn't matter if one benchmarks faster than the the other. Touch-wiz destroys all that and more in real world applications.

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