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Are there special holidays only in your country ? Reward $5
Created by bike, 1691 days ago, 1644 views

Are there special holidays only in your country ?
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aidenstone1690 days ago

Every country has its own respective holidays but about the only two that remain the same internationally are Christamas and New Years. I was just informed that today, however, is International Woman's Day! (Hmmm, I wonder if this was to get me to send a gift?) Anyway, there are many holidays that are celebrated internationallly depending not only on your country but also on your religion or culture.

Here is a site that I think you will find very interesting regarding holidays world-wide!

Happy holidaying!

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igor1691 days ago

Holiday of Spring and Labor Day, Victory Day, the Day of Russia, the National Unity Day, the Day of Defender of the Fatherland.

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Sill1691 days ago

Independence Day, labor, touba of Maouloud,, the Tamkharit, Korité,

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Logicz1hunid1691 days ago


Of course each country must have special holidays celebrating the history of their country or some particular event, if not that country would be one of the most boring and work inclined place in the world. For the persons living there it would be like slavery since, they would only be working with no Holidays. So there is definitely special/national holidays celebrated throughout countries worldwide eg. Christmas.

Here are the list of National Holidays Celebrated in my country FIFTEEN (15) of them too >>>>>

Just incase you plan on travelling here's a list of special/national holidays celebrated by all countries worldwide >>>>

Have a nice day.

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chakramed1691 days ago

Hi @bike ,

Below you will find a list of all official, public and national holidays in my country.

New Year's Day. ...
Eid El-Mawlid. ...
Yaûm Al-Âmal (Labor Day) ...
Eid ul-Fitr. ...
Zikra Oued Ed-Dahab (Allegiance Day) ...
Thaourat al-malik wa shâab (Revolution of the King and the People) ...
Eid Al Milad (Birthday of King Mohammed VI)


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jamesover1691 days ago

Rome (Italy) Is the best

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alvindgreat1690 days ago

Hi @bike

Yeah. Of course! Every country have special holidays celebrating the history and tradition of their country or some particular event. Say Independence Day, National Heroes Day, Religious Days/Days of Saints(depending on the religion of the country), and a lot more. Holidays were created to reminisce and take a look back on special events and past happenings or beliefs on a particular country. Mostly, special programs or activities were taken to give honor or appreciation for that particular day.
Also, having holidays gives extra time for the labor force of the country to spend more time to families, have vacations and the like; on top of their Work Leaves.

Hope it helps. High five and have a great time.

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ZzMrXzZ1689 days ago

Well, in Vietnam, we have many traditional festivals, but if you ask for a special holiday, then it must be Vietnamese women day (20-10)

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jamaicascout1688 days ago

In Germany we have 1th of Mai , Labour Day, 3th of Oct. when east and west got united and pentecost / pfingsten mostly end of May.

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tonya59301662 days ago

Independence day (July 4th U.S.A.)

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