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I want to take my mom to Europe on vacation, Where should we go? Reward $2
Created by hellen, 984 days ago, 2041 views

My mom is more than fifty years old, and I want to surprise her with a European vacation? Any suggestions on where should we go? Thanks!
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DonJuan09980 days ago

I would highly recommend you to visit switzerland. it is a beautiful country with amazing landscapes. Also if you are into skiing there is no place like switzerland. Take a trip to the highest railway in the world, and enjoy their multicultural lifestyle. Go for a drink in one of the exclusives night clubs in Zurich. Visit one of the most old and representative ku-kus in Bern. Or just enjoy a sunny day in one of their beautiful lakes, for example Genova, Zurich or Thun. You can also enjoy from having all this in a very short distance. You might feel the delights of french culture, the order and excellence of the german culture and the amusement and warm of the Italian culture, all in once.

If you are willing to spend some beautiful vacations, visit Switzerland!

And of course eat lots of chocolate and cheese

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matthewmanix984 days ago

Take your mom to Ukraine. Try visit Kiev and some part of the western Ukraine. Lviv, Bukovel is beautiful winter resort. By the way, rate of exchange in this cuntry now is more then acceptable))))

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Rice984 days ago

I think it's unsafe to go to Ukraine during the war.

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matthewmanix984 days ago

the war goes in east. Center of Ukraine and west are safe. And some parts of east are safe too. TV makes it unsafe)))) But the chocie is yours))))

have some fun during your vacations)

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igor984 days ago

Czech Republic the old castles, the best cakes, best beer.

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Sill984 days ago

I suggest you take her to Paris and if she can also at the same time, she can visit Normandy to relax by the sea but it is better from June. There will be sunshine and it will be summer in Paris she will make a boat trip on the Seine and admire the light while enjoying a good meal and good wine. I'm sure she will enjoy your present.

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Vitalykursk984 days ago

Switzerland and Sweden – two European countries, each of which is good in its own way. Due to the similarity in names, many tourists confuse these countries, but they are very different and totally unique.

First, the climate is different. If in Switzerland You can arrive in the summer and get a tan there, as the temperature during this season reaches up to 27 degrees. And here in Sweden the sun is not possible. Sweden is the Scandinavian country, which means that it is characterized by harsh climate and low temperatures. Summer trip will not be for You warm. The summer air is warmed only to +17 degrees. However, if You are tired of the heat and the heat, the trip to Sweden will be the best solution for summer vacation.

Second, nature. If You are a lover of the woods and all that goes with it, then You certainly need to go to Sweden. Here you can see with your own eyes all the beauty of the pine and birch forests, and you can freely enjoy the scenic lush green meadows. The territory of Sweden at 68% is covered by forests. In addition to green, in Sweden there is a wonderful lake. But mountain lovers should head to Switzerland, because here there are beautiful mountain landscape. Just think, two-thirds of the area of Switzerland is occupied by mountains.

Thirdly, ski holidays. If You prefer a winter sports holiday in the mountains, You should go to Switzerland. There in January and February clear weather that creates the most favorable conditions for skiing. In Switzerland there are the famous ski resorts, where service will pleasantly surprise even the most capricious client.

Fourth, the national kitchen. Even a small child knows that the most delicious cheese in the world is produced in Switzerland. The Swiss national cuisine includes hundreds of recipes, which include cheese. This is the famous cheese-fondue (melted cheese) and raclette (toasted cheese), as well as many other delicious dishes. Swiss wines are considered as a national pride, and the secret of their preparation is kept in the strictest confidence almost of national importance. Sweden is famous mainly fish dishes prepared according to special recipes. Then, as they say, a matter of taste.

Fifthly, the international value. If You want to visit in the country that hosts important international conferences and diplomatic negotiations, as well as in the country, where the most reliable banks in the world, then go to Switzerland. The country is situated in the heart of Europe, and this explains its importance in world politics and Economics. As for Sweden, this country is one of countries where the highest standard of living in the world. Want to see the beautiful life? Then choose Sweden.

Sixth, the beauty of the capital. Swiss Bern and the Swedish Stockholm – both cities are beautiful European capitals, and the obligatory tourists. Stockholm is often called the "Venice of the North", as this city is located almost on the water. The Swedish capital is built on fourteen Islands. Each island is a separate district of the city. The trip to Stockholm will be filled with new discoveries and will long remain in your memory.

What if You had a choice, try to visit both countries. Each will impress You in its own way!

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chakramed984 days ago

Hi @hellen ,

nothing like TripAdvisor can answer your question , in this site you will find " Top 10 Destinations " including Europe :

1) Istanbul, Turkey

2) Prague, Czech Republic

3) London, United Kingdom

4) Rome , Italy .

have a nice tripe ,


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DavidT984 days ago


How about Italy?it would perfectly fit with your mom considerign her age. it would just make the best place you can visit in europe if you aim to :

-Live a peaceful holiday.

-Visit ancient and beautiful places

-Drink and eat like NOWHERE else on earth!

-Meet thousand of nice ( and good looking ;D ) people!

Pro tip: Rome is just a famous name. Best cities to visit are Venice, Genoa and Fiorence.

If you want a low-cost trip then anywhere in eastern europe will do. Wien is wondeful. Prague is also.

But you can't compare ;)

This is Fiorence in a nutshell.

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oxana984 days ago

it is best to go on a cruise on Europe's capitals

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MarioninsBrown984 days ago

I'm from Spain and I have traveled to Italy and London.

I've been in Rome, Venice and Florence
Rome and Venice have undoubtedly been the best but Florence was also very nice.
I wouldn't go to London hahahah it's cool but not for a surprise trip.

I recommend Venice

The history of these places is very interesting. Everything will be much nicer if you know about it.
Italian is a really beautiful language <3

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DerpsDaCake984 days ago

Germany is a wonderful country and i believe your mother would love it she would be able to taste cheeses wines coffee and loads of over stuff such as authentic german sausage if this idea isnt to your liking try venice its an amazing country

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zoli88983 days ago

Romania where you have lots of sites too visit but the most widely known place is Dracula`s castle.

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daver01983 days ago

May I suggest either the Netherlands (Holland) or Northern Belgium. In the Netherlands you could visit Amsterdam and the surrounding area, take a tour round the canals and visit the historic City Centre. The Hague is also a beautiful city, especially the area around the Parliament Building, which is not far from the Royal Palace.

In Belgium Ostende is a beautiful seaside resort whilst Ghent and Bruges are fine historic cities. Antwerp is also a beautiful city, and of course, there is Brussels. The connection between all these places is also extremely good.

Better still, in both the Netherlands and Belgium the vast majority of the people speak English so you should have no language trouble.

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slapshot173983 days ago

Ireland Both North and South Erin Go Bragh

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Alirio983 days ago

Prague, some person described it as a visual orgasm. Then it should be a beautiful city.

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Meli983 days ago

I would recomend two countries:

- North of Italy (Florence, Pisa, Padua) and the Italian Alps (Aosta region and little town around) visual pleasures!

- Austria:
Graz, not so much this city, but surroundings like an open air museum to the north with ancient buildings from all regions of the country


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ZzMrXzZ982 days ago

Take a look at this:

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jamaicascout981 days ago

Take her to BERLIN,...a wonderfull green city,..multiculti,....plenty historical and new places. Great restaurants,..plenty activities,...parks, museum,
opera, concert,..walking tours,..or by bus,..or by bike. And not expensive like Rom , London , Paris, or others.....I live there and the best time to go.. end of may... or middle of august to octobre... enjoy

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kooonik110981 days ago


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neuropatch981 days ago

I have visited more than once, in Singapore, I really liked it there. I'm sure my mother would be very interesting to visit in Singapore.

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TheSpecialist976 days ago

Hi @Hellen.
There is only an answer: Italy.
Why ?
Because every corner of Italy will present you amazing surprises:
- You will be welcomed with hospitality and warmth
- In spring, the weather is pleasant everywhere along the country
- You will enjoy wonderful natural landscapes, a multitude of historic sites and a wide choice of matchless culinary delights.
Enjoy your Italian trip!!!

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