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How to improve writing skills ? Reward $2
Created by larry2, 1866 days ago, 1586 views

How to improve writing skills ?
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Alirio1864 days ago

This is a perfect place to improve your writing English, Euask provide a platform for you to answer different questions in differents topics, pick the questions you like most, and start writing your answers. Even by practicing, in this relaxing environment, you can earn a little cash.

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sahilchauhan1866 days ago

For improve writing skills By using Typing Master. It"s download links is

( copy the url and paste in your

brower url or click on link and downloading is automatically starts.

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JoanBrown1866 days ago

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chakramed1865 days ago

Hi @larry2 ,

i woould like you see this video like 14:15 "How to improve your English writing skills? - Free English lesson "


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olja2255881865 days ago

You mean how to became better writer for stories? Then, you need to read more books.

Also try this exercise: open picture of room/forest etc. and start to describe it. You can use more compassions, epithets, metaphors etc.
And by making this exercises few times per month, you will notice - your skill became better, than it was before.
Good luck!

Edit: also, check for this site:
I think, it is a good possibility to improve your skills as well! :)

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UGEN1865 days ago

it not practice makes perfect, but perfect practice makes perfect..

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aidenstone1864 days ago

Improving your writing skills isn't necessarily difficult but like anything else, it takes time and practice. Depending on your specific needs, I would read, then try to write what I just read (generally a paragraph at a time). After that, do a synopsis of what you read and see if it's understandable. Practicing is going to be the main key here.

There are many websites and youtube videos that you might check out, but whatever you do, its going to come down to reading, practicing, and then do it some more.

Get yourself a dictionary, a thesaurus, and start with those.

If it's grammar that you need, check out

Again... practice makes perfect!

Good luck and happy writing!

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larry21864 days ago


Thank you !! It's helpful.

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wordsdoctorate1728 days ago

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