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Is it good to place the phone or tablet in the fridge? Reward $2
Created by byebye, 1823 days ago, 7785 views

I want to make them cooler...
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aidenstone1820 days ago

Actually science will show that if you place something warm or hot inside a place that is cold, you get condensation, and water is something that you really don't want in your electronic device! And while it's true that cold makes the electronic devices run better in some cases, in this case you would probably just get a phone-cicle if you put it in the freezer, or something likewise if you just chill it in the refrigerator. An alternative solution, and infinitely easier on the pocketbook, would be to put your device in a cool, dry place and allow the ambient room temperature cool down the device naturally, and slowly. If you do find that you've collected moisture in your device, remove the battery and place the device in a baggie storage bag, fill it full of rice (uncooked rice!), seal the baggie and allow it to sit overnight. The rice will remove the moisture from the device and it should be fine the next day, unless however, the electronic device was actually dropped into a container of water such as the toilet, or a very weak glass of gin. Good luck!

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chakramed1823 days ago

Hi @byebye ,

its a solution for some phone yea , BUT you should know there is some phone cant work if temperature hit the minimum allowed(ex : iPhone -2 C° )

so be careful you may harm your device my solution is that you should install some cooler apps ( Cooler Master - Phone Cooler link : )

and try to work in open space and avoid hot places .


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Grabber1822 days ago

You can use a cooling stand for tablets.

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Hollerinde1822 days ago

Putting your phone in a place with extremely low temperatures may cause extreme damage to the device.
The screen will crack if the temperature is low enough, The internal components will get wet due to condensation, The speakers may not last longer.
In short, putting your phone in the fridge is a terrible idea, unless your phone manufacturer specifically stated that your phone was built to withstand cold temperatures, which I highly doubt they did.

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DavidT1822 days ago

Hi. If you want to cool your device please avoid putting it in a wet and cold environment such as a fridge.

Instead, download a cleaner tool like Clean Master on your app store.(this one is free and works cool)
It has a feature that shuts down all unnecessary programs and background applications, that's how you make your phone cooler without killing it ;P

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ZzMrXzZ1821 days ago

If you put your smart phone in fridge and the fridge is turned off/ not functioning, then nothing would happen to it.
If you put your smartphone in the fridge and provided that the fridge is on/ functioning then, You will become that guy who uses a Cool smartphone!
Just joking, but I find a quote on the internet: "People take cell phones outside in weather much colder than the inside of a refrigerator or even a freezer, and they continue to work just fine. In fact back in 1999 I worked as a temp for a cell phone manufacturer for a while testing cell phones as they came off the assembly line. I had to nab a random rack full of phones and they'd be put through various tests. One of the tests did involve sticking them in a freezer and freezing them. Then they had to be tested by a machine to make sure they still performed within specifications. In another test they were put into an oven and baked.
Those things are really pretty hardy.
Worked as a temp for Motorola"

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nino20181820 days ago

This means that you can SAFELY store your iPhone or iPad, but NOT use them in an environment measuring between -4° and 31° F (-20° and -0.5° C) for the lower end. The upper limits being 96° to 113° F (35.5° to 45° C). Temperatures below -4° F (-20° C) and above 113° F (45° C) can permanently damage the functionality of your gadgets. The first thing that comes in mind is the built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, that could see its properties altered if exposed to such extreme temperatures.

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