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Indoor exercise to lose weight? Reward $2
Created by speed, 1023 days ago, 1380 views

Please recommend some indoor exercise to lose weight?
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zorty1023 days ago

try googling "blended exercises". You'll come up with some videos that show how to do a workout using a couple of just hand weights which you can pick up pretty cheaply and some aerobics.

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Logicz1hunid1023 days ago

Hey @speed
You should definitely try these:

1. Jump Rope

2. Stair Stepping

3. The Plank

4. Dancing

5. Lunges

6. Cleaning

7. Water Bottle Weights/Dumbbells

8. High Knees

9. Jumping Jacks

For more info: source>>>>

Have a nice day.

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CoolCat1023 days ago

Stretching, bendind, walking.

The most important in weight loss is to do all in complex. Drink more water, don't eat before going to bed, reduce your portions size, don't forget about exercises and you'll be amazed with the result!

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serezha1023 days ago


Performing a variety of exercises to lose weight in the stomach, it must be remembered that a woman should be a woman, which unnecessarily relief muscles. Home exercises for slimming the abdomen.

Simple and useful exercise for the workout: running in place with high lifting knee to the thigh are perpendicular to the body.
Trained abdominal muscles, burn fat effectively lower back. Feet shoulder width apart. Leaning to the right at the same time raise the left arm above his head. Repeat for the other side, changing hands. Hips during the slopes should not change the situation, the back should not be fed forward or backward, forming a plane with a rear surface of the legs.

Slimming abdomen and sides is useful to make shallow squats. Feet wider than shoulders, feet parallel. Squat alternately to the left and the right leg to the level of the seat of the chair, back straight.
Lying on a gymnastic mat, lift the straightened leg and start to twist imaginary bicycle pedal. It is useful to alternate rotational movements, making them back and forth.

Exercises for slimming down.
The simplest exercise - mahi. To keep the balance better hold on to his chair, waving each leg forward, backward, sideways. To avoid injury happened, you need to have a good warm up the muscles.

Another type of useful sports load, in order to effectively lose weight, can be obtained using a low stand - "step". Within 5-10 minutes to put on her first one, then the other leg, and then in the same way "down".

To train the hips and buttocks have to lie on your side, the lower arm is bent at the elbow and is based in the mat, hand upper hand in the abdominal area also rests on the floor. Hips off the floor, leaning on hand and foot. The back and the back surface of the legs form a single plane.

Exercise helps to lose weight in the abdomen, trains different muscles. It needs to be done for both sides of the torso. Lying on his side, bottom hand to put under his head, the top - in the waist. Understand exhale upper leg straightened up as much as possible.

Sitting and leaning back in his arms, trying to touch the floor with knees bent and feet on the right and left of the body.

To lose weight in the calves, stand on one leg, the second to cross the back, climb the sock. To keep the balance adhere to the back of a chair or wall.

Home exercises for slimming the sides of the abdomen Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. Hand straight lift. Commit tilts forward, right, left, 15 on each side.
Starting position formerly, hands clasped on his chest. Three times to turn left, then right three times, on each side 15-20 times.
Sitting on a chair and keeping balance, pull your knees to your chest, clasping their hands. Slowly return to starting position. Suffice it 8-10 times for 2-3 sets. Keeping a balance on a chair and checking that the heel touching the ground, reject the torso backward. For insurance behind can put a mattress and soft pillows.
Lying on the mat, lift the hands-free body, placing it vertically, back straight.
For fast weight loss is enough to perform 3-4 exercises, 2-3 sets of 15-25 repetitions. They can include morning exercises.

The back and feet on the floor, his hands on his head, elbows divorced. Exhaling, lift the top half of the body to the knees. Pausing for a moment, on a breath return to its original position.

lifting legs
The loin is tightly pressed to the gym mat, legs straight vertically raised top, arms extended along the body. Gently lower the foot almost touching the floor with his heels. Pausing for a moment, back to the starting position. Be sure that the waist is not detached from the floor.

Brass on the back
Straightened his palms rest on the floor. Slow motion to tighten leg to his stomach, heels together. Then a quick movement the legs are straightened and are side by side on the floor.

Ab Workout
1. In a prone position bend your knees, feet on the floor, his hands on his head, elbows to the sides. On the exhale, lift your upper body to the knees.
2.Lech, arms along the body. Move legs straightened so that their fingers touched the mat above your head.
3.Iskhodnoe previous position, raise the straightened leg off the floor at a minimum height of 20-25cm.
4.Sest on the mat, back straight, hands near your hips. Tighten your abdominal muscles and gently tip backwards, keeping the right angle between the body and legs straight. Then return to the starting position.


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Gervs1023 days ago

all of the above suggestions are ok- but first before you do exercise and programs- pls visit your doctor and have clearance. all the suggestions above helped me loose and trim my body- ... happy exercising

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Ruberoid781022 days ago

The best indoor exercise to lose weight is eating outside! I mean you won't
eat so often as usually so reducing eating will help you to lose weight.

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