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Should I give up on a cheater Reward $4
Created by Nuttela, 1034 days ago, 1287 views

She cheated me twice, and I don't know if I should forgive her once more, shouldn't I?
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FetishKitten1034 days ago

once a cheater always a cheater. Do not know if she cheats at internet, then block person, if she cheats in private life then get restraining order

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Logicz1hunid1034 days ago

Hey @Nuttela
Most likely she might cheat again if she did it more than once especially if you caught her the first time and she still did it again. However, I don't like to see relationships get ruined so if you are married give her one more chance sit down and talk to her properly. Based on what she says you will make your decision, we could tell you what to do but we are not in your specific position and having the feelings you are , Be a man and use your WISDOM AND INSTINCT.


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ryanaxis1034 days ago

yes, if he cheat ones he can cheat twice, if he cheat ones automaticaly you give up her for your own good remember love yourself.

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FetishKitten1034 days ago

why wouldnt u cheat her also?

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Yuksel1034 days ago

One time can be acceptable for regret,But second time is cannot be regret..

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Darkheart1034 days ago

you want to forget it and give another chance!

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Tankkiller1034 days ago

Yes, don't try to stick with her, it's not going to end up good, tell her you know shes cheating, and that you are breaking up with her. Do not try to cheat on her though, that wouldn't be smart, now, if you want to get payback, get a restraining order, its not that hard to, all you really have to do is tell them she was cheating on you, twice.

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Ruberoid781033 days ago

Listen to the Offspring - Self Esteem. She will cheat you more and more. There are a lot of wonderful girls!

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aidenstone1017 days ago

My thoughts on this are: if she did it to you once, it will be easier (psychologically... less guilt) to do it again. You have to have honesty and trust in a relationship. If you don't have these, the relationship is pretty much doomed to fall. That being said, once the trust is gone, the honesty is gone, it takes a lot to get it back. Should you give up on her? I would certainly sit down and have a loooong talk with her, calmly (it psychologically works best) and explain to her your intentions. Tell her honestly that you are thinking about breaking up with her because she obviously isn't happy with you. Ler her know that you are going to break up with her, explain why, and then make the decision on how to move ahead from that point.

Breaking up is never easy, but there is always someone out there who can be truly happy with you, who will be honest and who won't cheat.

I wish you all the best

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chakramed1017 days ago

Hi @Nuttela ,

"Once a cheater, always a cheater" is an understandable response from anyone who has been betrayed; it offers you the certainty to dismiss an unfaithful partner's pleas for "I can change and won't ever do this again", removing the potential for getting hurt because it allows you to never trust them, and sometimes anyone, ever again.

my advice you may even if you feel loving here don't let here make you a puppy on here hands . be strong and make the change.


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DonJuan091016 days ago

I believe that everybody deserves a second chance. I think that problems in relationships come from two sides, it´s not like i´m blaming you or anything but sure both have some issues that are being destroctive for your relationship. Try to look what is wrong on both sides, maybe the fact that she cheated is only a consequence of a deaper problem, and i believe every problem can be fixed with hard work. If you decide to forgive, be honest with yoursleve and forgive with your heart. Do not listen what most people say, like once she cheated it wil always be like that. Follow you instint and try to solve your problems from the root.
Then if you fight and you still feel like your relationship won´t improve, then move on. Life is fool with surprises.

Hope for the best!

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alvindgreat1014 days ago

Hi @Nutella
Once a cheater, always a cheater.
My rule of thumb in that one is to try to make her feel the worst effect of her cheating. They (female) demand gender equality but they do not treat males equally. Once is enough, twice is too much. Let go.
Or if you enjoy her, that is a different story. Maybe she is a good sex, a good performer in bed. That is a hard one to let go of. My advice is do what makes you happy.

Hope it helps.
High five.

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Gervs1009 days ago

NO- don't give up- wait till your mind and your sanity will give you a personal satisfying answer. whatever decision you regrets- just move on

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igor1008 days ago

If you love truly, and forgive 10 times.

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sutajaya1008 days ago

No. there are lot of Woman in the World. You are like butterfly can fly anywhere in the world to pick up the rose. Wherever it is.

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neuropatch1008 days ago

Girls are often doing this kind of stupidity. I believe that at this time you need to forgive her, but make it clear that if you will be together - in the future will only be true.
Even if she wants to meet with a friend - let will notify you, in turn, promise not to be jealous, if it is only one. Better yet, just get acquainted with all the friends and be calm. Most likely she was afraid that you will not understand, you will be a scandal to roll or something like that to himself head and share. Everyone deserves a second chance, do not cut off the shoulder. Know each other better and you already understand what a man. Sometimes it takes years to understand each other to the end, but still remain unsolved even if opportunities that are waiting to be uncovered. Good luck to you in a relationship!

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Toddzgrl1005 days ago

Forgive her, but move on. Save yourself the stress of always wondering. Even if she is faithful from there on , the thought and conflict of it will kill the relationship later anyway.

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jamaicascout1005 days ago

YES you should,....if it happens TWICE, will happen again.............coze the person dont love you really, can forgive her,... and forgive her,..and forgive her,...until to find the right person. Respect.............

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azzromyo1005 days ago

Hi @Nuttela
you can forgive her and give her another chance god forgive us and always give us a chance why you not ?

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nihal291003 days ago

its never too late buddy , give it up now , you will not regret in feature

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Granulkur1003 days ago

If she cheats twice, you should forgive.
And if she will cheat more - forgive her again.
But change game and make your own rules

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joytotheworld998 days ago

Yes! Cheating should never be tolerated in a relationship. If she loves you, she won't allow herself to dishonor you and cause you pain and humiliation. I think, you deserve someone better. A faithful and honest partner would be better. Cheating is in no way showing respect to someone you love.

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maren984 days ago

Its will be hard to write, but and some way I have some experience from this.

Why? Well, my wife is bisexual and she cheated me one time with stranger. I forgive to her like nothing happened.
She was with girls, and its also some way cheating, but I don't have mind about it. I buy vibrator to she and have great sex with DP (double penetration with vibrator and me). Maybe I can write and more but something I will reserve for myself. Maybe I'm selfish.
What is conclusion of this? Well, I have very high level tolerance to she and all what she needs or just think that she need.

Lets now look from other side. What we mans doing in marriage? Be honest! Well, many off us use service of prostitutes.
Is this something wrong? Something that threatening marriage? NO !!! In philosophy many authors describe prostitutes like someone who help to save marriage. And this is true. Well, if we can use prostitutes, why she don't use some stranger to satisfy her desire in sex??
Maybe she is not in love, just she need better sex? Are you sure that you provide all what she want?
Did you ever change things in sex, try something new? New toys, new position, new role-play? Try different things, try this wanna she wants.

And something very important!!! You need to talk with her about everything.
She must to know that you know about her relationship, and that you wanna resolve problem in peacefully way.

Offer to her to be SWINGERS: Go together in sex with other couples.
Now is turn to she look you in action. That is chance to prove how much she love you.
If she really love you, maybe she say yes. Ask that first going to F-M-F action where you will be only one male in action.
You need to find another one female for fmf sex.
After this, maybe you can go to soft swing, where you find swing couple and have sex. Every with own wife.
If girls wanna something do, lets do.
Next step - full swing. Change wifes. You take wife from couple, your wife enjoy in husband of this couple. At same time, in same room.
Hard to imagine? Probably for 95 percent of population. I'm different, very tolerance person with different view on life and world.

If she say that sex is not important for she, its LAYING !!! If is not important, why she twice been with others?
She don't do it from love, she do it just for sex. My advice is - forgive her, but do everything what I write.
Try any of these. Maybe its not easy, maybe she don't wan't to do something, but try. Give chance to her, give chance to love.

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nuklin975 days ago

It's not about letting her go. It's about finding out why she's cheating on you and if she still loves you. If it's something you can change and she still loves you, then change and stick but if you can't cope with her demands, then let her be even if she loves you cos right now it's about you.

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Aravi961 days ago

SOrry, the one who can answer is you and not others.

It deponds on value you give to her in your life vs how she cheated you.

A friend and cheated : you may maintain distance from her.

A Lover/ best or close firend/relative and cheated : You have to decide with respect to personal value.

A buissness patener and cheated you: you may maintain distance from her.

A important buissness patener and cheated you: you may reduce the buissness with her or you may even stop after you get alternative.

Only known person/colleague and cheated you: You should maintain distance.

This list could just keep on going without end.....

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yas957 days ago

Hi, You deserve a girl who does not cheat. Do you or do you not agree. If not, why not? Think about that. Best regards, Yas

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rembanad867 days ago

know why she cheated on you. Is it man who womanized her or she is the seducer. If she seduced, leave her as fast as you can but if womanized then you stand up for yourself and her. Be a man and let women know that we are in authority of our life and not them.

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gopinath206 days ago

@Nuttela yes, but you can't!...


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