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Completely remove a program Reward $25
Created by Logicz1hunid, 1032 days ago, 1531 views

How to completely uninstall an Antivirus program with no traces remaining so that you can re-install.

Eg: Removing Norton or Avast Antivirus Trial so that you can reinstall and use it back.
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Aircatcher1032 days ago

A normal program uninstaller usually always leave trace on your computer which can possibly slow down your computer and take up more of your disk space.

Using Revo Uninstaller Freeware (, you can uninstall any program that is installed on your computer within all the traces such as unused files and program's registry files.

Open the website link provided, and then scroll into "Revo Uninstaller Freeware" section where you can download it for free. There is also Pro plan if you wish to use it further more advanced.

* The "Advanced" mode is more thorough, but for safety, use the "Moderate" mode. It is still scans all the proper leftover files
* When selecting registry files to be deleted, be sure to just check only with "bolded" text.

F Mu

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ha141032 days ago

for other antivirus removal

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FetishKitten1032 days ago

never install norton or Macafee they ruin ur computer for ever

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qweid441032 days ago

Да лучьше вообще попробуйте без антивируса ,они только блокируют много программ! В Виндоусе ужэ стоит свой антивирус.

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Ruberoid781031 days ago

а че ты им по-русски-то втираешь?

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Tankkiller1031 days ago

Get Iobit uninstaller, run it, click on the program you want to uninstall and click remove, it will remove it and scan for any files that belong to it that may still be on your pc.
Iobit uninstaller:

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sir_goweb1031 days ago

Hi @Logicz1hunid
I normally use Revo Uninstaller: it's really simple to use and very useful for delete any trace of old programs.
You can find it at this link:

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weencd1031 days ago

I don't install another program on my laptop.

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ZzMrXzZ1031 days ago

Use Your Uninstaller with super mode. I used it to reactivate my norton antivirus

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wlad20041030 days ago

Инструкции и утилиты для полного удаления антивирусов

В случае системного сбоя или влияния вредоносных программ, антивирусная программа может быть повреждена и вы не сможете её переустановить или удалить. Если антивирус был удалён не полностью, Windows может работать со сбоями, а также, из-за активных антивирусных процессов или драйверов, другие антивирусные программы могут отказаться устанавливаться и нормально работать.

Разработчики антивирусов предусмотрели подобные ситуации, и предоставили инструкции и утилиты для полного удаления программы из системы. Для получения подробных указаний, выберите антивирус из списка:

360is 32x32360 Internet Security avsantispam 32x32AVS Antispam ad-aware 32x32Ad-Aware
arcavir 32x32ArcaVir avast 24x24avast! avg 24x24AVG
avira 24x24Avira bitdefender 24x24Bitdefender bullguard 32x32BullGuard
comodo 32x32Comodo drweb 32x32Dr.Web
cezurity 32Cezurity
emsisoft 32x32Emsisoft escan 32x32eScan eset 32x32ESET NOD32
f-prot 24x24F-PROT f-secure 32x32F-Secure gdata 24x24G Data
icarus virus utilities 32x32IKARUS k7 32x32K7 kav 32x32Kaspersky
malwarebytes 32x32Malwarebytes' AM maxspywaredetector 24x24 Max AntiVirus mcafee 32x32 McAfee
mse 32x32Microsoft SE nano 24NANO norman 32x32Norman
norton 32x32Norton nprotect 32x32nProtect outpost 32x32Outpost
panda 32x32 Panda pctools threatfire 32x32 PC Tools ThreatFire prevx 24x24 Prevx
quickheal 32x32Quick Heal rising 32x32Rising sophos 32x32Sophos
spamfighter 24x24SPAMfighter superantispyware 32x32SUPERAntiSpyware trend 32x32Titanium
totaldefense 32x32Total Defense trend 32x32Trend Micro trustport 32TrustPort
vba32 32x32Vba32 verizon 24x24Verizon vexira 32x32Vexira
vipre 32x32VIPRE virusbuster 32x32VirusBuster webroot 32x32Webroot
onecare 32x32Windows Live OneCare zillya 32x32Zillya! zondex 24x24Zondex Guard
zonealarm 32x32ZoneAlarm

Также, вы можете скачать полный сборник утилит AV Uninstall Tools Pack - он включает утилиты для полного удаления более 40 антивирусных программ:

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chris123762 days ago

PerforMax Cleaner from the name only claims to be an useful program for the user and pretends to enhance the performance of system. While it is just not any of the legitimate one and bears a fake security application. It is developed by OneBit IT known for removing hidden tracking stuff and use to fix the errors at that instant of time only. Well, instead of being known for its cleaning usage, we suggest you not to have this very application as it holds bundles of the malicious properties embedded inside and relates from the hacker's source due to some of the fake scanning results that it provides to the users.

As it is known to you, PerforMax Cleaner is officially promoted and is available for install on You may found the other related programs holding this particular brand over there. Only paid versions are available not the free one. It is being noticed that this particular program is bundled with numeral ads and popups displayed on your screen. You must avoid clicking on it as its download holds the additional install holding the bogus code embedded inside which can damage your PC completely. And once if you got a click on PerforMax Cleaner, you may get troubled later due to various malicious issues.

Once you clicked on any unknown popups or hyperlinks holding this hazardous application, it will intrude to your system even without your concern and will infiltrate your PC. The message displayed by it regarding the fake alerts about the necessary updates available on your computer signifies that your PC is at high risk. But it is not true. You must avoid it as this keeps you annoying bearing infectious features. You must must not waste your time anymore to eliminate it, if running on your PC.

Once my PC gets infected, but a lot of thanks to PerforMax Cleaner removal solution I found here :-

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