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What will you do if you feel sleepy at work? Reward $2
Created by shawn, 1745 days ago, 1558 views

What will you do if you feel sleepy at work?
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bccbwl1744 days ago

Generally it is good to do simple exercises to get blood flowing and energy going. It is not a good idea to rely on caffeine to fix the problem. Try to keep lunch light and not have foods that tend to make you sleepy. Try to find things to do that will keep you busy and keep your interest peaked. Tedium jobs bring boredom and sleepiness very easily and as you get older it gets worse. Good Luck :o)

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Riximis1745 days ago

Tackling the Cause
First of all it is important to establish why we are tired. The reason for this is simple – if we know why we are tired at work we can change that one factor so that we aren’t ever in that situation again. For example, if you have a television show you like to watch that goes really late you can tape it instead of staying up.

Some common causes for tiredness in the workplace are:

– staying up too late
– bad diet
– too much or too little exercise
– caffeine addiction
– alcohol abuse
– poor sleeping patterns (bed/wake up time changes)
– disturbed sleep (noise, snoring partner, etc.)
– etc.

As you can see, altering these causes will change the result the next day. If you get a good sleep you might not be tired.

However, that doesn’t always work.

How to stay awake and on task at work when you’re already tired
stay awake at work

So now we are in the situation where it is too late to look at the cause – you are already at work and you are already tired. In this situaiton you should try one (or some!) of the following ideas:

1. Go buy some fruit
Fruit is an excellent food for giving you fast energy but without making you crash. Foods high in refined sugar like Coke, candy, etc. will perk you up for a few minutes but you will be right back down again before you know it. Try eating a few pieces of fruit every 30 minutes or snacking on grapes constantly.

Don’t worry, it won’t make you fat and it is very good for you.

2. Drink water
Dehydration is actually a big cause of tiredness. After a big run I often feel tired because I am low on fluids. Try filling up a big bottle and sipping on it until you feel refreshed again. There are also multiple office water cooler solutions to help you stay hydrated at work. Quite often this is all I need to wake up

3. Turn on the cooling
If you really need to stay awake to work on an important project you can always point the fan right in your face and set it on high! Cold air keeps your body’s heating system cranking and you will shiver yourself awake.

4. Drink your tea and coffee
Okay, like you hadn’t already thought of this. If you hadn’t thought to have a cup of coffee you are probably going to be out of the job soon anyway!

However, coffee is a bad solution because it is addictive. If you NEED a coffee to start your day your are not creating a healthy system for yourself. If you have to have one or the other it is better to go for a nice Chinese Green Tea as this has many health benefits.

stay awake at work
Try and ditch the black coffee and grab an iced green tea instead
5. Walk or run up the stairs
Getting your heart rate up is a really good way to wake yourself up. It gets your blood pumping and your breath racing. Your mind tends to go into exercise mode everytime your heart rate elevates and this will wake you up significantly.

6. Breathe deeply
In traditional Buddhist practice it is said that you need to breathe deep into your stomach instead of the top half of your lungs. Doing this has a calming effect but it can also serve to wake your mind up as it gets you focussed on something internal. Everytime you feel yourself slipping away into the deep abyss of sleepiness try and bring your mind back to your deep breathing.

7. Listen to jazz
Jazz is disjointed. It moves all over the place. It doesn’t seem to have any common thread. It wakes you up. Of course I am now going to get emails from jazz fans saying “You don’t know what you’re on about!” but that is besides the point. Jazz and anything boppy is a good way to wake up a sleepy mind.

8. Go outside into the fresh air
Sometimes sitting in a warm office with a comfortable chair, flickering computer screen and a gentle whisper of talking workmates is enough to send anyone to sleep. Go outside and breathe in some of the fresh air for a few minutes. If I am honest thi is probably the number one way I wake myself up.

stay awake at work
Fresh air is an excellent way to help you stay awake
9. Focus on helping others
If you can bring back some meaning by focussing on benefitting others in your 9 to 5 you will actually become a lot more focussed. Instead of thinking about why your job sucks try and think of how you are making a difference.


As I mentioned, tackling the causes is much better than dealing with the result. If you can figure out why you are tired you might have a lot better results than if you just try to fight it when it happens.

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DavidT1745 days ago

If i can't get rid of the habits that leads me to be sleepy, coffee will help. Or you could ask your doctor for some medical help. I tried Provigil\modafinil. They worked very cool for me it also improves your brain activity a bit.

It's said that certain people have a tendency to feel always sleepy in the morning, but they work better in night times. Perhaps it's time for you to find a night-time job? ;)

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ZzMrXzZ1745 days ago

Just stand up, go around for a bit and drink a little bit coffe, breath some fresh air would help

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Logicz1hunid1745 days ago

Hey @shawn
Here are three simple steps that will definitely work:

1) Energy Restoration - Drink some coffee or some energy drink. (Restore your energy)

2) Increase my focus and blood flow - Do some stretches and simple exercises (Exercise and Stretches)

3) Motivation - Think about how much the job is benefiting me. (Motivation)

Have a nice day.

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olja2255881745 days ago

Get some coffee, buddy, and stay alive. ;D

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Yuksel1745 days ago

1. Take a nap

Instead of fighting it, go ahead and get some sleep. Nothing beats a power nap when you’re too tired to work. Being sleepy could be your body’s way of telling you to slow down and take some rest. So go ahead, take that well-deserved power nap to recharge your body. You’ll notice it’s easier for you to focus and you will be more energized after that.

2. Switch up your tasks
It could be that you’re bored with your tasks and that’s why you’re sleepy. So switch up your tasks. This way, you’re breaking the ice and it introduces your brain to another stimuli which will help you to stay alert and awake.

Switching up your tasks also gives you a different perspective. Instead of forcing yourself to work on a project that doesn’t resonate with you at the moment, focus your time and energy into something that you feel you are called into. This way, you can work better and stay alert because your brain is cooperating.

3. Get moving
Do some stretches or walk around. Stay away from your computer for a while. If you work from home, it’s nice to get out of your home office and breath some fresh air. Then come back again when you feel rejuvenated. You can also do some stretches. This way, you’re waking up your body and it gets you ready for the tasks ahead.

Sitting all day is not healthy and encourages drowsiness. If you’re not used to physical exercises, small movements or stretches can give you an energy boost.

4. Watch what you eat
There are some foods that help you sleep. Be wary of the times you eat these. Also, don’t overeat during lunch as this tends to make you feel sleepy after lunch. Finish your meal as soon as you feel satisfied. Eating until you’re fully stuffed is not only unhealthy but it induces sleepiness.

5. Toothpaste with peppermint
Brush your teeth with peppermint toothpaste. Peppermint is a natural stimulant which makes you stay alert.

6. Coffee break
Of course, when all else fails, nothing beats good old coffee. Go ahead and indulge in a nice cup of coffee to awaken those senses. Coffee contains caffeine which is also a stimulant. Just be careful how much you drink, though.

7. Meditate
Meditation is not only done to make you feel relaxed. There are meditations that are effective to make you stay awake. When meditating, the best position is to sit upright and make sure your breathing isn’t compromised. If you have no idea how to meditate effectively, you can listen to an audio meditation using earphones.

With these seven tricks to choose from, you can stay away from being sleepy at work. But remember, sleep is one way our body relaxes and rests. Do not deprive yourself from your much needed sleep and rest so that you can wake up feeling energized. Keep your body healthy as this is your greatest asset. Give it some love and treat it well.

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Tankkiller1745 days ago

Normally I just get some coffee before I go to work, and splash some water in my face if I get tired, or listen to music.

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oxana1744 days ago

I drink coffee

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jatinkumar1743 days ago

if i feel sleepy at work then i will chew centre fresh or a candy that will give us sufficient callory and we will feel good.

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