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How to understand fast spoken English? 5
Created by carlasss, 1741 days ago, 1948 views

It’s always difficult when I am listening to native speakers. Can you give me some advice?
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Logicz1hunid1741 days ago

@carlasss Continue being around them and listen to every word they say carefully after a time it will become a norm and you will catch on easily. Also you should read more that will definitely help.

Have a nice day.

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PKS1741 days ago

use oxford dictionary for english. and read daily english news papers and try to under stand it.and try to know that what he pointing or saying. slwoly u will learn and understand this becoz everything need sometime......

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serezha1741 days ago

Hi! You should listen to the songs and watch the films. Of course, if you had an opportunity to talk with native speakers then it's better to communicate with them more And don't afraid to ask them to repeat what they said. It helped me a lot and there wasn't a person who refused me. Good luck!

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philip901740 days ago

the best way to learn fast in english, get the dialog, and apply to communicate in american people, dont be shy cause they will guide you to correct your english, that's my experience, i have lot of friend american, frech, korean and african, i share this as practical to learn fast in english

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olja2255881740 days ago

Find friend from USA/UK (depends on what English you are learning) and talk with them in Skype (I talk with people from different countries for a year) This will help you a lot. Also, listen to radio stations (For instance - BBC) and watch TV programmes (Also BBC) That's what helped me a lot to pass IELTS :P

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Alirio1739 days ago

Practice, practice, practice. Also, you can try online English courses, usually, they offer trial options for free.

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Tankkiller1739 days ago

If you are around them a lot you will eventually learn what they are saying, you can also ask them to slow down, no shame in it. Or you can try to learn the language.

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weencd1739 days ago

That was good time@Logicz1hunid

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Logicz1hunid1739 days ago

Yea @weencd

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wlad20041739 days ago

побольше общаться с англичанами

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Danni631738 days ago

I'm a fast talker from the Southern State of Georgia (USA). Had a college roommate from Ohio who could barely understand me because I spoke so fast. I was never offended by being asked to slow down or repeat myself. And I have the same problem understanding some British, Scottish, Irish, and Austrailian dialects in movies and such. Ask them to slow down. Ask them to repeat themselves. Don't be afraid to ask them to explain what something means. The more you listen and converse, the better you'll get. :)

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WolfCrates1738 days ago

play English games with dictionary next to you. Listen to a story-like hip hop songs like Eminem lyrics video (this is how i first started to understand fast spoken english).

well this is how i learnt english. school didnt do nothing to help lol. games.. games and music lyrics. I refer eminem or tupac or similar artist because their rap song are really long and detailed with a bit of streets casual foundation (meaning you wont sound stuck-up formal english like they taught you at school and people are more comfortable with a casual english).

finally you gotta have a.. passion for learning the language (not giving up attitude) . i meant i really wanted to learn english because i knew english is kinda the world mediator in terms of communication, also cuz games. good games are in english lol.

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Gervs1731 days ago

Just listen and comrehend...and do that often... in less than a week your brain will adjust.. Cheers

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yemioke1731 days ago

what americans movies alwayz and listen to them carefully.

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Udovych1729 days ago

Go to united Kingdoom or USA and comunicate

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ryanaxis1702 days ago

hi carlasss:) be a good listener.
or if you have a big budget, have a vacation in england in united kingdom because they have different english accent than united states

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maren1686 days ago

Whatc movies a lot. This is way how I learn English. With time you will learn language better and better.
Watch with subtitle to make himslelf easy, latter you can watch without subtitle.

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