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How can I get rid of this junk site Reward $5
Created by reg, 1841 days ago, 2384 views



I keep getting the above every time I start up Windows Explorer. I understand it is a virus. Why can not WiseCare 365 get rid of it? Thank you for your help.
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nunitak1841 days ago

Try SUPERAntiSpyware Pro

Do not make it active if you already have an Antivirus program.

You open SAS from desktop icon. When it loads, SAS icon appears on lower right (taskbar). One Right Clicks that to implement SAS functions: Update, Use the System Investigator from System Tools and Programs, Close using right click too so it does not knock heads with your usual Antivirus.

I suggest using Right Click on desktop SAS icon too, to Open as Administrator.

SAS removes those pesky Tracking Cookies too.

I believe this will fix your PC assuming you can delve into and use it wisely, BUT should you need to ask question again, specify exactly what Microsoft OS you have and what Window Internet Explorer.

WiseCare 365 is for doing other things, routine upkeep to free PC of unnecessary files and keep OS & App software access in order. It does that well, very worth having.

SAS removes malware and adware / spyware without harming your PC. Removes lots of malicious programs and viruses. Be sure to UPDATE it after installing.

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chakramed1841 days ago

Hi ,

Wise care cant protect from amviruses like spywzre and worms its a cleaning software .

For your problem , Thats an adware so i suggest you install spywaredoctor and also follow the steps on this link to restor your internet explorer settings


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ha141841 days ago

How to remove (Guide)

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nikolai851841 days ago

удали програму

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Tankkiller1841 days ago

Here are a list of things you can get to get rid of it:
Re-download internet explorer (You will lose all the stuff you had before)
Get a new browser (i.e Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge)
Get Malwarebytes.
Get Advanced System care 9
Get Iobit uninstaller, if the uninstaller doesn't work, right click the item, and then click "Open file location" and delete it.
Get MCAFEE (Some features are NOT free)
Redownload for internet explorer:
Microsoft Edge:
Security Programs:
Advanced System care 9:
Iobit Uninstaller:

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Mayko1839 days ago

you need a good antevirus try this ... list

360 securyt
Trojam Remover
and ............. recomend for you MALWAREBIT ....

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ZzMrXzZ1838 days ago

Here is the guide video:

If you still can't get rid of it, then try this one:
Good luck!

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MrDroptech1838 days ago

Install ADW cleaner. It will delete all mess but when the test is finished check if in the "box with problems" isnt for example proxy...

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philip901837 days ago

I recommend you avast security for for fully protection on your browser
if you dont have lisence activition just mail me

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sajal271837 days ago


Right click on the browser’s shortcut, then click Properties.
once you’ve reached Properties —–> Shortcut (on the band at the top), then in the Target type field, REMOVE EVERYTHING AFTER .exe.

also follow this link

hope this will help

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fry1837 days ago

use Malwarebytes anti-maleware free it works

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lizD1810 days ago

I had the same problem with you. But I fixed the problem completely with the help of a tech blog that is absolutely reliable and safe. In general, this blog suggests that you reset browser settings and DNS data if you want to stop annoying redirection. Besides, it is necessary to check and remove suspicious unknown browser add-ons and programs on the control panel. In the end, you can run scan with anti-spyware or antivirus programs to ensure the PC is safe. I find a guide from this blog that might help you out:

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