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Any way can improve the Spoken-English skill significant? Reward $25
Created by SungYii, 1842 days ago, 1572 views

Hello there, I am a college student in China and i have been preparing for my IELTS test in 2016-2017 in order to apply for graduate student in New Zealand, however, like what I said, Speaking is a hard nut to crack,(and yes, my writing not good either)hopefully you guys can give me some suggestions, I'll appreciate that.
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izzy7501842 days ago

watch some english speaking tv, videos or movies get used to pronouncing the words

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Yoni031842 days ago

tv, videos, online sites, ect...

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chakramed1842 days ago

There are loads of good suggestions here. The BBC World Service is really good for students of English as a Second Language - you can receive it on Italian satellite TV if you don't have a radio. BBC Radio 4 (what the English used to call "the Home Service") is also excellent - you can listen to it on the internet, see this link:
and click on "listen now".

If you are interested in finding out about English culture, you should try to obtain the DVDs of some classic TV comedy series from the good old days when English TV was worth watching - "Fawlty Towers" and "Monty Python's Flying Circus" (both with John Cleese), and "Blackadder" (starring Rowan Atkinson, whom you will know better as "Mr Bean") are incomparable and very funny. They will teach you an enormous amount about English society and the way English people think.


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QZD1842 days ago

I was a IELTS teacher a few years ago. To improve your speaking, you have to practice with the native speaker everyday. But with the advance of technology, you can also learn and practice with virtual native speaker. The following are very good websites for you to improve your speaking, listening and writing as well. (Listen to the audio in the following websites, repeat after the audio, sentence by sentence, and then try to memorize some sentences. ) ( these are IELTS speaking teaching videos)

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serezha1842 days ago

The best way - is communication. Seek friends (who are native speakers) online. Skype helps a lot in such situation. There are many people who want to learn other languages and to help others with the English. You can share knowledge with each other.

And of course, movies. You can start by watching movies with subtitles (if at first it will be difficult to make out any phrase). For starters, great movies:

The Terminal ,
Forrest Gump,
Ghosts (Michael Jackson's)
Cast Away,
The Bodyguard (1992)

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nikolai851842 days ago

вы можете получить ее на итальянский спутниковое телевидение если у вас

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iWise1820 days ago

Hi there, I'm not an english native speaker either, however I've looking everywhere new ways to improve my vocabulary and pronunciation. I've certainly tried whatching movies with subtitles, listening to music in english and everything! Do you know what did really work? Speaking. Yes, in every country there are english speakers who you can practice with; conversation coffees, english club teams, maybe at the american or british embassy you could find someone that would help you finding those spots. There are some simple steps I would recommend you before going out and start a conversation with someone else which are: 1. learning lots of vocabulary and grammar and 2. thinking of phrases you would use in your daily life and translate it in english so you keep that phrase all day in your mind. Say it out loud a couple of times when you are alone. Whatch some videos and try to repeat what they're saying. Clic the pause button every once in a while and even recreate the scene of that american movie you love all by your own.Reapeat it until you like the way your pronunciation is going. No one will judge you, believe me! Then go ahead and speak with everyone who knows the language. Don't be shy, it could be really helpfull to keep you on practicing and having fun while your tonge gets used to the new movements you do as you are speaking another languaje. I wish you luck at the test! :)

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DavidT1819 days ago

Hello my friend.

Reading and watching videos in english are your best options, indeed.That's how the most successful people did to learn a new language.

In addition, do not forget the #1 rule of learning ; The more interested on it you are, the easier is for your brain to learn, the better for your improvement.

I am sure this will help significantly. It did with me ;)

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