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Should I end the relationship with my boyfriend? 5
Created by nusratkhanbd, 1010 days ago, 1179 views

So, I'm white American, 23 and am currently in a relationship Indian guy who is also 23, for 4 years and currently 2 months till now, and I wanted to settle with him, set up a family and have children. At first he didn't seem ready (that's what I thought), but later on when I asked him about it he said that he wanted to marry someone of his culture and that this relationship would have to end soon. I begged him to never leave me because I love him so much but he said that my decision and thoughts weren't important for him and that it wouldn't change my mind. I love him a lot but he loves his family and culture more than me, he has changed a lot. So is it a good idea to break off this relationship to save me the heart pain?
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alaminbd1010 days ago

It`s hard to say as you haven`t given much detail to go by, but it does sound like he saw you as a temporary relationship and didn`t communicate that up front, which is very selfish and unfair. If you have concerns about being heartbroken, then yes, you should end the relationship without further delay. The other problem I see being hard to overcome is family interference. Even if you convinced him not to do what his parents want, there is every chance this will become an issue again in the future. This happened to me and I am now divorced, so you will likely be saving yourself pain and heartache in the future if you walk away from this guy now. You have to realize too hon that your entire relationship was really based on a false premise; you were falling for him and placing no restrictions on the future of your relationship while apparently all along he knew that the two of you had no future at all. He deceived and used you, there is no easy way to say that, I am so sorry.

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Jasonmontalvo1010 days ago

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oxygenbreather989 days ago

Well, l wouldn't say you wasted your time in that relationship because you probably learned a lot of stuff, it seems like you both weren't heading in the same direction. You are still young to move on and accomplish your relationship goals with someone who sees you the way you want to be seen, as someone to spend the rest of their life with.
Good luck!

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iWise988 days ago

There are no such thing as bad people, just people making wrong desitions. No matter if it was wheter a missunderstanding between you two or maybe just immaturity of his, the words have already been said. Dreaming on an ideal future with "the one" could be beatiful until that person suddenly goes away. It is hard to get over the dream but not impossible. You may require a couple bowls of ice cream but you'll be fine. Remember that those pictures inside your head can be replaced by other that could be even better, you never know! He certainly remains with you because he loves you too, even thought he made clear that his goals in life are written by years of tradition and family honor, not by himself. You must really think about it. Is it worth it to be still with him? Think about your OWN goals just as he did and draw towards them. Here's an advice for future relationships: There are two kinds of relationships; The ones that last forever and have happily ever afters, and the ones that make you grow up and prepares you to meet the real one.

I wish you good luck with your desition.
Nice reading!

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