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When he will most probably be unhappy? Reward $2
Created by khurm, 1073 days ago, 1497 views

Why should we want a handicapped child to live when he will most probably be unhappy?
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arkclark881073 days ago

You must allow this child a chance even being healthy you can be unhappy theses are not our choice in my opinion it is there right to have this choice in my opinion.

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kkw1073 days ago

First of all This Is Your Child! Just because a baby is born healthy does not mean that there won't be trouble or bad days. And having a handicapped child does not automatically mean that every day will be unhappy. Handicapped persons feel all the emotions that you feel. as a parent with both healthy children (2) and a handicapped child, I can tell you that I wouldn't change anything about any of them. And remember this is YOUR CHILD. I pray God will show you guidance in this situation.

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moosish1073 days ago

There are degrees of being "handicapped." I can show you pictures of babies born without a face; or without all arms and legs; or no lower half at all of their body; half a brain; SEVERELY retarded people who function no better than a stick of butter; more. I believe that every parent needs to have the right to decide whether or not to complete a pregnancy if they know that their fetus has any of these severe kinds of deformities. HOWEVER, the government (in other words, the citizens of that country) ultimately wind up paying for medical care and/or custodial care for these children. In most (not all, of course, but MOST) of these cases, children with enough intelligence to understand their limitations are NOT happy, and I think it is selfish of the parents to have had them.

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Rob_in_Milan1073 days ago

If I had the gift to foresee the future, I would be millionaire? Unfortunately, I don't.
The word-choice, used to phrase your question, shape its tone and meaning. I think that during a pregnancy parents shoud have the right to decide based on the fetus health conditions, on their personal strength and believes, but also on the awareness of the difficulties the family will encounter, whether to complete the pregnancy of to have an abortion. On the other hand, if we talk about children and parents rights, then the answer is definetly no. Children with disabilities will encounter more difficulties during their lives, but how do you establish and measure their level of happiness? Here's a question I'd like you to think about: Should't we focus on educating and changing our perception and way we look at them? Rob

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serezha1073 days ago

It is unfair to deprive a person of life because we believe that it will be bad. If I was such a child, I would like to have the right to live! Not for someone else or for society, and for myself. I am familiar with the disabled, and I can say, many of us do not even dream of the successes he has achieved in his life. It all depends on of upbringing, on how parents teach their child to look at this world!

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aidenstone1050 days ago

A handicapped child is a miracle of life and having one, loving one, caring for one, can be incredibly rewarding! You might thing that he/she is unhappy, but if you offer him/her love, laughter, smiles, a good family, then he/she will be happy! Never underestimate yourself, or your ability to care for any child that you love! Don't stess out over the small things in life, and just accept the beauty of love and understanding, and the rewards of giving love to one who might never otherwise know it!


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ZzMrXzZ1049 days ago

Nic Vujicic is a handicaped man, and he is not only happy, but also successful. Who knows what will come bro?

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DavidT1049 days ago

If you have something against it it's your right as a parent to decline the birth....And just retry. There's nothing bad about wishing a better future for your son.

If you ask me, if i were to choose to live as handicapped i'd choose not to live, especially after seeing what looks like to live like that.

Let my experience speak in a very direct way: People may tell you that it's a blessing or whatever, but the truth?I have seen many of those people changing their mind during their life while working as assistant for handicapped people some years ago, watching them drown in theyr own vomit and pass out, with various bad health conditions developed from and after birth.

Yet, you might like it if you want a puppet \eternal baby to take care of.

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Crucio1046 days ago

Nature is not perfect.
We apparently evolved over other species *though i am not sure about it sometimes.
Different from many mammals we do not kill children if they are handicapped. Its one of most important differences.
We evolved enough not to think if that child is to be danger for species as he will be burdain for herd.
We evolved enough (well most of us) to tolerate all kind of "unnatura" behaviours. In short we accepted that nature is not perfect and so are not we. If u would go deep into every person u would find something unnatural about. The only perfect species would be god himself.
So why u let those children live? Because its what we are. Because they have same rights as others do. And if they need help to achieve their basic rights they should have it.
Othervise u face one simple question - who is to decide and by what right who is to live and who is to die and why ? One day it can be handicapped if u are incapable for doing basic things yourself, and other days if u are not capable to do all things by yourself, where the person in charge says what is minimum limit.
Most animals are driven by basic instinct - species survival. If we would go by it only, we would kill all handicapped members. Not just children. Old ones, injured ones, etc. Not to mention those with sexual orientation different then hetero. Cause its also by definition "unnatural" behaviour going against basic instincts.
So when u ask something like this know that your question and possibel answers can have much wider influence and consequences then what u originally though.

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