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What is Love in real ? 5
Created by AQ, 863 days ago, 1021 views

What is the definition of Love ? in my view it is just a way of doing rape legally ... what do you thnk ?? ;)
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Daniyal19863 days ago

To promise not to leave each other forever .
Raped is not important ..

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CoolCat863 days ago

It's something that no one can explain. Sometimes love turns into a pain. So we have to choose partners who'll never let us suffer.

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serezha862 days ago

I see: you have never fallen in love yet... It's a pity...So you can't understand or accept any view. Wait for a while and you'll see the answer!!!

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crazyping12862 days ago

nope, love isn't meant only for the one u "rape", it can be your family, it can be the things you do, the food you eat, the neighborhood you live in... the feeling of love is when you appreciate the existance of that thing or person, thats why its always turns into pain when that thing or person disapears, for example when someone dies that you loved.

you know that you love someone or something when you are happy living beside it knowing that it exists and you are able to share moments with it with him or with her.

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SungYii861 days ago

In my view, True love is to accept each other's heart all, self-sacrifice, responsible, and able to protect each other, and most importantly, love is a feeling and commitment as the years continue to grow. Eventually, regardless of what happened to, you can truly bless each other.

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ZADZ841 days ago

Love is everything.
No love no humanity.
No love=War.

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DavidT829 days ago

Dude, True love is quite simple to explain.

When you put a person needs over your needs and u are willing to sacrifice something for that person, when you think at her\his safety before you own then you can't be wrong. that is love.
Otherwise it's just a relationship.

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ntorr12558 days ago

love is your dogs unconditional love for you , a dog will grow up with you and love you no matter what or how you treat it and will always stay loyal to you

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