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Created by HelpMeBro, 1037 days ago, 1178 views

I am bad at art, anyway to get better?
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Tankkiller1037 days ago

Try to take some classes, they will help you.

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chakramed1037 days ago

Hi my friend @Helpmebro ,Everyone says practice and I agree wholeheartedly, but how you might be asking, thats all people ever say.
Firstly, DO NOT look at things and think this looks like a/an (insert object name here) I cannot stress the importance of breaking patterns in your mind. This is because you will not draw what you see and your drawing not look like what you are drawing.
Try and think of it as lines and simple shapes, not for example 'this head looks like an egg' because not everyones is that shape, only draw what is in front of you. I say this beause with new artists our preception of things in the brain makes us automatically want to relate it to something else. You must try and break the habbit of looking for patterns.
Secondly, learn about the formal elements or art and look at other artists work.
Thirdly, Before you bother learning techniques like hatching, blending or highlightinging, I cannot say how improtant it is to master your proportions first. You get many people who are amazing at using tone but because the proportions of their work is off the whole drawing can be thrown off balance.
Start by breaking down objects around you into simple shapes, ignore colour or tone for now. For example a leaf can consist of triangles, circles or ovals or all 3. Draw this out. If your shapes look wrong, maybe things are bigger than they should be, then correct it. Once you think it looks right you can start to chisel out the details. (Lightly) erase this. These are your guidelines. Continue to put more details in your outline and tidy it up a bit.
Once and only once you are satisfied with your outline you can add tone. Tone is light and dark areas in a drawing if it fades from light to dark or vice versa, press hard with your pencil and draw smooth, long lines to the contours of your drawing to make it as neat as possible, as you move away from the dark areas on your drawing ease the preassure off gradually and you should have a nice dark to light tone. You can blend this if you wish using a tortillon (available at art shops, it is compressed paper that looks a little like a double sided pencil) or tissues if you want a cheaper alternative. Start from the light tones and work into the dark ones when you are bleanding. Again use long lines to the contours if you want it to look smooth. Don't use your fingers, the oils on your hands can ruin your drawing. The same principle for tone applies with coloured oencils also, however you may find it easier to layer the colours up.
Fourthly, widen your appreciation of art. Go to a gallery or look at a movement or artist you usually wouldn't. Everything you see is a learning experience.
Fiftly, Pracise everywhere you can, buy a sketchbook, draw on the backs of envelopes or in notebooks or even on napkins at a resturaunt ( be polite though)
Latly, use as many materials as possible and research a lot. This can help you find a medium you really like.
Now, some advice. If you dont know what to do, just sit down and draw anything, you'll think of something soon enough. Practise, practise practise. Don't give up, everyone is a beginner once! Talk to your art teachers or other people interested in art.
Good luck to you!

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