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Why conservative women is still the best than liberated? Reward $10
Created by ryanaxis, 1041 days ago, 1919 views

Why conservative women is still the best than liberated?
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ZzMrXzZ1040 days ago

Because a conservative woman is the family type

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chakramed1041 days ago

Hi @ryanaxis ,

Scientifically Proven: Conservative Women are Better Looking :

conservative men have known this since the dawn of time, but now the University of California Los Angeles has used computers to mathematically analyze the faces of members of the House of Representatives and discovered that conservative women are better looking.

It’s about time science caught on.

The researchers worked out average mathematical values for female faces and found that Republican ladies in the House of Representatives scored closer to the ideal than Democrats.

The funniest discovery of the research, however, is that even liberal college students subconsciously realize our women are prettier. The researchers showed participants pictures of members of the House without saying which party they belonged to, and the students could pick out the conservatives from the liberals in a heartbeat. The odd attractive Democrats had their party affiliations guessed incorrectly most often.

Rep. Michele Bachmann scored highest on the House yummy index, by the way, something you could have guessed without looking at her just by hearing how much liberals hate her.

The study speculates that we conservatives expect our female representatives to adhere to feminine stereotypes, therefore we effectively shame them into looking good.

Or it could be that liberal attitudes that turn women into either sex objects or imitations of men have been very effective in eliminating femininity among liberals. Let’s face it, liberal “feminism” is a big draw for ugly women who either don’t want a man or who want to sleaze around with a bunch of different men.

The conservative beauty factor goes beyond members of Congress, of course, and there’s no need to use a computer to prove it, though it’s nice to have some scientific backup. Just look at the lineup of well-known conservative women vs. liberal women.

We’ve got Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Cathy Rodgers McMorris, Laura Ingraham, Star Parker, Carrie Prejean, Heather Locklear and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

They’ve got Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Janet Reno, Janet Napolitano, Valerie Jarrett, Rosie O’Donnell, Joy Behar and Michelle Obama.

We win, hands down.

The UCLA study also took a look at male members of the House, but here’s where the study jumped the rails. Researchers actually found that Democratic males in the House were more masculine. I think we took a hit because of John Boehner’s leaky tear ducts.

Except for the Clintons — Bill and Hillary — I can’t think of any masculine Democrats. They are, after all, the party of Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Harry Reid, Barney Frank and Al Franken.

We Republicans, however, are the party of Ronald Reagan, Charlton Heston, Allen West and Chuck Norris.

I think the factor that threw the masculinity study was humility, which our guys have by the buckets full. For “masculinity,” liberals probably read “obnoxious, loudmouthed, drunk and most likely gay.” Liberals are too full of self esteem, even when they have nothing to be proud of. They are the party that booed God.

Conservatives, on the other hand, often come across as mild mannered because we make an effort not to let being so naturally awesome go to our heads


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chakramed1041 days ago

Hi @ryanaxis ,

Here is some articles speaking about this in large :

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chakramed1041 days ago

In general , Conservative women aren’t that hot. They only have the beauty on the outside and most are blonde. Liberal-progressive women are much sexier and friendly too.

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Ruberoid781041 days ago

Well, the life with conservative women will be boring and conservative. The life will be as a wild animal put in a cage.

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marketsgolabl1040 days ago

I think that conservative women (whatever that means) tend to strive for a caucasian, monied, traditional (whatever that means) look. I can think of a lot of cultures/people with comparatively traditional values who do not think a rail-thin, white, bleach-blonde, neocon wearing expensive jewels and a skirt would be pretty.

And, no, they aren't prettier. They fit some racist, classist '50s American mainstream standard that was never actually real except for on TV and in ads.

ETA: And, yes, I am perfectly aware that there are neocon women of color. But they strive for the same look. They aren't striving, for, say, a Nigerian standard of high class beauty. See: attached picture (not a good one of her face, unfortunately) of Nigeria's finance minister.

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CoolCat1040 days ago

I don't think conservatives are better than others. Men like both types of women.

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mehome1039 days ago

She save her man's health ))

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Logicz1hunid1039 days ago

Hi @ryanaxis

First you must ask yourself why you prefer or think conservative are better than liberated women. If its because they are more calm and relaxed and work harder for what they want and the recognition they deserve and not protest and cause continues debates for what they want unlike other women (liberated women specifically). Or whatever reason you may have for your opinion.

Here is what a conservative woman had to say about herself and acquiring what she want: Quote "Many women who work in a predominately man’s profession feel shut out, and often receive less pay for the same job a man does. They will usually tell you that there a “glass ceiling” between them and the higher management positions and higher paying jobs, and they know when they have reached it. Most of us have hit that ceiling several times along our chosen career paths.

I have been in the ministry for more than thirty-years. Ministry is just as much a profession as law, medicine, or sales. It also has its glass ceiling, only in most cases women can legally be shut out of higher offices and positions because it’s church related. Women ministers will usually respond in one of three ways. Many will accept their “limitations” and settle into a charming little church where they don’t make waves. Others, like me, become so good at what they do, and learn so many different skills that they are accepted in the higher offices because they are needed. Other women get angry and bitter over their unfair treatment and hate men, blaming them for their plight. I have known many women who have reacted in all three ways."

Personally things like the above statement is what would cause me to prioritize "Conservative Women" over "Liberated Women".

There have been a lot of online arguments and comparisons about this very topic and if you don't mind reading here are links to two good ones:

Hope this was helpful.

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serezha1037 days ago

Near that woman any guy can feel himself as a real man.

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