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How to change user name in Windows 10? Reward $2
Created by fancylili, 1852 days ago, 3433 views

How to change user name in Windows 10? How to replace "Irene"? Thanks!
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chakramed1852 days ago

Hi @fancylili
here a full guide only 2 steps to change your name with images .

Change Account username in Windows 10


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fancylili1852 days ago

My computer is not as same as your step..
There is another name not "Irene"

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chakramed1852 days ago

sir its the same you accout name is " Link "

do the same steps then you will see the results .


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chakramed1852 days ago

for this "Irene" shown on the image you upload you can change it just go to c:\users\ then you will find a folder name "Irene" change it but it will popup an error message !.
it only change if you create a new user account and transfer you files into the new account then from your new account delete the Iren account and folders.
this is the only solution you cant change the current name .


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outside1851 days ago

Rename user account folder

The procedure described above changes the user account name but the user account folder under c:\users folder will still have the old name. The below steps explain how to rename old user profile folder

Login to the system as an user who is in the administrator group. It should be a different user from the one that you are trying to change.

Open File Explorer and navigate to C:\Users folder. Rename the old folder corresponding to the old user account

Open Registry editor - In the Windows search box next to the start button type regedit and select regedit command from the search result.

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

Here you will find several keys that starts with S-1-5 corresponding to each user profile in your system. Check the registry value ProfileImagePath to find out the one corresponding to the old user account you are changing.

Double-click on the registry value and modify the folder name.

Close registry editor and restart your PC.

Log in as the new user name that was changed and it should pick up the profile from the new path.

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sainisunil1231851 days ago

Change Account username in Windows 10
Open Start Menu and click on Settings. Once the Settings app opens, click on Accounts and then on Your account.

Change Account username in Windows 10

Here, you will see a Manage my Microsoft account link in blue. Click on it to visit your Microsoft account home page at You maybe asked to log in again.

Here on the left side, under Hello, you will see an Edit name link against your name.

change user account display name windows 10

Click on it, and in the page which opens, write the name you want displayed and click on Save. This is the same name which will be used when you send emails using this email ID.

When you restart your computer, you will see that the account username being displayed has been changed.


You will see the name changed while signing in at the log in screen, on your Start Menu, in Th Setings app, Control Panel and all other places.

This is a safe method and will have no effect on your user files & folders.

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zizou1851 days ago

Ask the user to enter very little except maybe one or two small things. One of those little things is the name of your computer, you'll learn in today's lesson on how to change the name of the device in Windows 10.


1. Log in to the application settings (you can see on the way here).

2. go to the System.

3. go down to the bottom and choose your About tab and you'll find the image.

4. PC Name in front of you will find your name.

5. Click on Rename PC to change the name.

6. then type the new name and then press Next.

7. Windows will be asked to restart the machine, you can approve or delay, in any case will change the name of the device when you record the next entry.

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Scripting1851 days ago

I can tell you, first, open the Control Panel (NOT SETTINGS), then click on "System And Security" Then click "System" then scroll down and it will say
"Change Settings" click that, and then at the bottom of the page that pops up, click change, then change the name to whatever you want, reboot, and your all set. Hope this helps!

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fancylili1851 days ago

It doesn't work...

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Rob_in_Milan1851 days ago

Ay I step in? I've red your questions and all the answers and I get the impression that the initial question is changing its connotation the more the chat develops...
First you were looking to change user name, but which kind of user name or ID? Are you taling about your windows local account ID, your microsoft account ID, the computer name/description? Unless you figure out which user name you are refrring too, every one will keep on guessing, and if the guess isn't accurate none of the solutions will work.
I recomment to double check exactly what is it you want to change. Once you think to know precicely what that id refers to, simply go the control panel. Then select system (choose small icons so it is easier to select the appropriate "system" option. From this windows you get plenty of information (computer name, description .... and the option to change those settings. But you can also select from control panal windows or web credentials. There you find a list of all the ids and psw. Plus if you still can't find the id you are trying to channge, on the bottom left corner you click on users accounts and you have the complete picture. Still no luck, say two "Ave Maria", Meditate and sleep on it. Tomorrow will bring new advise! :-)

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fancylili1851 days ago

I want to change the file folder name under system C > Users,
And there are a lot of personal data, I don't want to lose them.

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Lottemint1850 days ago

Step 1: Open Run by Windows+R, enter lusrmgr.msc and hit OK to open Local Users and Groups.

Step 2: Open the Users folder, right-click a user and select Rename in the menu.

Step 3: Type a new name in the name box.

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Scripting1850 days ago

@fancylili You opened the Control panel right? Not Settings?
If you cant get to control panel just go to cortana and type "Control" and it should be the first thing that pops up, then do as I said

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