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How to spend your time on bus or tube? Reward $2
Created by Tadakii, 1725 days ago, 2209 views

How to spend your time on bus or tube?
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LukaK1725 days ago

I read books. I only can read books on bus or train :)

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Damocles1725 days ago

It's better to have time to do something meaningful than to keep shaking your legs, and put something in your bag when you go out:
A small notebook and a pen.
A book you are reading (or a book you want to read)
One Mp3

Almost all of the time you wait, you can sit or stand quietly reading. If you walk or in the car is not convenient to read, you can choose to listen to the content of Mp3.
The notebook will be very useful for you to capture ideas, make plans, and write lists. Use this time to plan your eating and shopping next week. You will save some money because you won't buy anything you don't need.

Hope to help you.:)

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kulmarina1725 days ago

Depends on two main factors:
1. How long your trip
2. How busy is a bus/tube
3. Device you own

You can:
- read books/ebooks/newspaper
- listen to the music/audiobook
- watch movie
- play games
- write/reply on emails
- make a conversation with somebody next to you
- learn language
- educate yourself
- make plans/shopping list etc.
- collect your thoughts
- meditate
- do nothing!

More useful tips:

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serezha1725 days ago

1- books or music
there is no problem with the tube, but unfortunately I can not read on the bus - it makes me sick. so that's not suitable for me. I can only
enjoy the view from the window.
2 - You can earn some money on a euask or https: // for example.
3- You can learn. When I took the exam in getting driving license I've taught the rules of the program (I downloaded Driver "s manual).
4 - You can do some yoga exercises (in breathing).
5 - You can make your own plan how to spend hollidays, what presents choose for your relatives or friends
6 - You can find the way to surprise smb special with a new dish you'll cook after comming home

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CoolCat1723 days ago

Sleeping is an effective way to spend time while travelling on public transport :)

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ZzMrXzZ1723 days ago

Well, if you are not good in communication, then reading a book or listening to music would be a very good solution to this case. Otherwise, try to make new friend if you can.

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SetupComputer1722 days ago

I read a book in Kindle. A novel or a technical book of some sort. I also sometimes watch movies or anime.

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clb05831721 days ago

read a book

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mattluca1721 days ago

I read news on my mobile phone

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thegreatcid1721 days ago

I read comic book and make sure ppl dont see the images... it pisses them off when they cant see what him reading.... I only raise my head if a cute girl is looking.

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gozinski1721 days ago

1.Reading 2.Staring at the window

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Tankkiller1717 days ago

I talk to my friends, if they are there, other times I read books, play games, or use my laptop. If you have a laptop you should use that. But you can do whatever you want. Sometimes I like to sketch things. You can make a quick buck or two off of that from people on the train/bus. You can also play some apps on you're phone. Or just try to piss someone off. Have a great year! :)

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alaminbd1717 days ago

I see in very nice nature road side.

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olja2255881715 days ago

You can read books, watch movies, listen to the music or sleep. Actually, not that big list of variants.

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DavidT1714 days ago

throw things off the windows, smoke pot in the bathroom, bother the other passengers with weird stories, read some books, sleep

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zizou1714 days ago

I spend my time on the bus Gazette and phone games

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nusratkhanbd1714 days ago

your questin is very importance/ddddddddddddd

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Holmes1714 days ago

looking other's face, eyes, figures, forms... etc in cafe.
it can weird. but it makes me sights. it is fun for me.

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bike1711 days ago

haha, me too

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PhoenixCoyote1711 days ago

Podcasts, spoken ebooks from librivox or Movies and tv shows are good. I would spend all my time at a former job listening to 7 hours of podcasts. Reading can become troublesome with so many smelly or obnoxious fellow passengers as well. I bring a mini bottle of febreeze. If the bus is incredibly noisy and you cannot hear a podcast or movie, try using a sound therapy app while reading a book, news, etc. I've used that method as well.

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Layya1416 days ago

Sleep and listen to the music

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