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How to get back my deleted photos? Reward $2
Created by wency, 1078 days ago, 2173 views

I deleted my photos by careless, these photos are most important for me, is it possible to get them back?
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Ruberoid781078 days ago

You should use Wise Data Recovery
It is used to restore "Free Deleted File/Photo Restore Tool"

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Damocles1078 days ago

You can use the Recuva software.

You may not be familiar with the software.But I believe you will not be unfamiliar to the CCleaner, and these two software are piriform company's works.Recuva biggest feature is compact and completely free. It only hundreds of KB size can put in the USB flash disk to carry for a rainy day.

Unlike most file recovery tools, Recuva can recover files from damaged or newly formatted drives. Greater flexibility means greater chance of recovery.

Download address:


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serezha1078 days ago

If the photos were not cut, but simply removed it is possible to restore them using DMDE

DMDE - DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery Software I helped. Good luck

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Ruberoid781078 days ago

иди, сережка, отседова )) не мешай людям зарабатывать )))

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ha141078 days ago

Zero Assumption Recovery (image recovery free)

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ZzMrXzZ1077 days ago

If you delete pictures on a phone, then read this:
If they are on a PC, then read this:

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CoolCat1072 days ago - I used this once or twice with good results. You can try a free trial except you need to recover large files.

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omarwa791071 days ago

you can use testdisk it is simple and easy

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mail2milan1071 days ago

You can use the Recuva or Data Recovery Software.

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hraza1071 days ago

You can use the Recuva or Data Recovery Software.
if you use this software you get back your delete photos...

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plansimple551071 days ago

try recuva

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piko1069 days ago

DiskDigger is a very good app. It will recover anything from any device - computer, USB, phone etc.. Sure it costs, but it has worked successsfully several times for me - and when has worked you'll be pleased you spent the money on it.

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zizou1069 days ago

You have to download software Wondershare Photo Recovery

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Tankkiller1069 days ago

Get advanced System care, click on "toolbox" and open the "undelete" feature. Then find the image(s) that you want to restore.
Advanced Systemcare 9:
If you need help or have an issue, here is a video I made for you:

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ditoekanugraha1068 days ago

1. download wisecare
2. download wise data recover
3. run at your disk where your photo is lost

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ahmadassaf1068 days ago

you should use wise data recover. download link :

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MohamedOsman131068 days ago

first , make sure thet any program you downloaded it for recovery is purchased case most of these prog. works till it comes to an end and ready for getting your file it tolds you to activate it first to complete
so the best way to get any full recovery prog is to search on

for any recovery program , you will find it free and not fake with its crack

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Walentin1066 days ago

I really got back my deleted photos with program EasyUS Data Recovery Wizard

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uploader1066 days ago

I really got back my deleted photos with program EasyUS Data Recovery Wizard ^^is the best^^
Cracked Link in Torrent download

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jashmineva1066 days ago

you can use recovery software.

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adnan_faisal11066 days ago

you can use photo recovery software

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geraldoferrero845 days ago

Recover photos from a rooted phone:
Step 1: Connect your phone to computer via USB cable.
Step 2: Download Android Data Recovery to your computer. Install and launch it and you’ll see the interface below. Click “Refresh Device” and the software will recognize storages on your phone.
Step 3: Select the storage device where deleted photos were stored and click “Next” button to start scanning.
Step 4: Preview and recover deleted photos. Select photos you want to recover and click “Recover” button to save deleted photos on computer.

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Mobbay764 days ago

Samsung Recovery is a professional android data recovery tool, which enables your to recover deleted ,lost messages, contacts, call logs, music, video and more with only few clicks . Follow this guide to recover :

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AnnieChow764 days ago

You can use data recovery tools to help, Recuva or DiskDigger can help you. Or you can try this data recovery tool,

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huiyior764 days ago

Where did your deleted your photos careless? If you want to recover deleted photos from your phone, you can use phone data recovery tool. Before doing that, you need stop using your phone in case of data overwritten.

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saraamy763 days ago

We can still recover lost photos from android device before they were covered by new data, and a mobile data recovery app could help.

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Eanskert589 days ago

As everyone knows,if your phone data was deleted from phone by you, there are still store in the phone in a short period of time, so we have a big change to recover photos directly if we have no make a backup, I found a Android Data Rescuer app can help to recover lost Android photos , messages ,contacts back, it can recover from backup or directly recover from Android phone, you can have a try.

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copperlucy56426 days ago

Where did you delete the photos? RePicvid Free Photo Recovery could help you recover deleted photos from different storage devices. Check more information on

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JuliaKelly386 days ago

Still annoying for the accidental deletion of the beloved photos? No need! Just refer to this simple video guide to find out how to recover deleted photos from Android quickly.

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