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How to transfer address book from iPhone to Android? Reward $2
Created by jins, 1078 days ago, 1794 views

Do you know how to transfer?
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ha141078 days ago

How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android (5 Ways)
1.Head up to via your computer.
2.Select the contacts you want to save.
3.If you want to save the entire list, click the little gear button at the lower left and Select All.
4.Click the gear icon and select Export vCard (see method #2).
5.Your computer will download a VCF file containing the exported contacts.

1.Log in to your Google account.
2.Click on the Gmail logo, located at the top left corner of your dashboard.

3.Select contacts
4.Click the “More” dropdown menu in Contacts, and select Import.

5.Click Import again. The contacts will be automatically synced to your Android device(s), connected to this account

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mehome1078 days ago

Phone Transfer
Transfer phone data between Android and iPhone in 1 click.

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LukaK1078 days ago

video guide:

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jazzmen1078 days ago

With paid leave:)

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ymlxkj1078 days ago

Installation of 360 mobile phone guard can be done

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Ruberoid781061 days ago

Export your contacts to a csv file, and import it to the android.

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iegeore1061 days ago

How to transfer address book from iPhone to Android? You can transfer address book from iPhone to PC firstly, and then copy them to Android phone.
The way to transfer address book to iPhone:

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ZzMrXzZ1061 days ago

Use this one:
Easy to do and store for the next time

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AnnieChow1047 days ago

You can use transfer tool, you know two different phones have different operation system, so this kind of tool can help transfer data between android and iphone.

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deaton874977 days ago

My suggestion is to go with MobileTrans. It can transfer all kind of files from iPhone to Android, including contacts, messages, music and others. Here is a step by step guide:

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Werfkjl965 days ago

I ifnd this useful article here: easy to transfer data from iphone to android

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lesliecart958 days ago

It is so easy to transfer your files from your iphone to your Android if you are really familiar with your device. BUt if you are not then you have to ask a personnel who has a bigger knowledge about that. Or you can read articles or see videos on youtube. However, if something bad happen to your iphone and some of your files has been deleted try this Whatsapp Recover site to make your data in a safer position and your files will be restore.

Learn more:

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Farrah77942 days ago

Unfortunately, iPhones do not have the ability to bluetooth information. The only reliable way to transfer your info is to plug both phone into your computer via usb and drag and drop the info you want from your iPhone folders into your new Android.

if you think this method is very hard for you, then Mobiledic Phone transfer may be an easy way to transfer data from iPhone to Android, it supports transferring messages, contacts, photos and more data.


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huiyior922 days ago

Usually we use phone to phone transfer tool to transfer address book from iPhone to Android. Here, this Mobile Phone Transfer Software offers you the easiest way for you, which is able to directly transfer files between two phones at ease, no matter they are of the same operating systems or different!

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Hentery817 days ago

When you do search on the Google, there is have a lot of solutions telling you how to transfer, actually , those are useless , i tried a lot time ,it can cause some trouble to you such as, some or all of you saved important phone data on the android will be lost,
Today, here i personal recommend it to you so that it can help you transfer phone data between different android phone, like me , i have succeed transfer messages from android to iPhone with the help of it, my mobile without any adverse reaction,you can click on it to understand more, hope it will help you a lot,

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