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How much money should I save if I want to travel the world? Reward $2
Created by kathy, 1050 days ago, 1439 views

How much money should I save if I want to travel the world?
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Logicz1hunid1050 days ago

You would really have to budget especially if it's all the countries then after proper budgeting, save sufficient cash that can upkeep you. Just to be on the safe side you should take all your important documents in case you run out of cash or into an emergency and have to get a job.

One day I too would like to travel the world and discover new cultures, dishes, landmarks, chicks and all the other beauties of Mother Nature.

Oh and I would recommend you visiting the Caribbean its a really amazing place.

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chakramed1050 days ago

will it depend on how many countries you need to visit make a plan and calculate you budget

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Glob1050 days ago

A good option is you finish the school and take a little bit money. Then you can when you have luck...
Work and Travel!
On your trip you can for example make a blog where you discribes how this place on the planet was.

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Ruberoid781050 days ago

5'000 USD would be enough.

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Alirio1050 days ago

US$ 100,000 for a good year of traveling, an average of US$300 daily for accommodations, food and transportation. 52 weeks in a year could be 52 destinations, start picking your favorite spots. Have a nice trip!

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ZzMrXzZ1050 days ago

If you really want to know, read this:
However, to me, a globe will only cost you about 15$ for a good one.

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MarioninsBrown1047 days ago

Estos cálculos son aproximaciones!
Billete: 500$
Hotel 4 estrellas: 25-50$ por noche
Comida (en todo el día): 60-100$
Dinero para tiendas y caprichos: 1000-3000$

Total viaje de 7 días: 2550-5550$

Total 10 viajes en un año: 25500$-55500$

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kulmarina1046 days ago

Do you mean the round trip?
Depends how you round it and how many countries will travel through...
Also depends on amount of time you want to spend (several months or 1-2y)

Those guys can do some calculations:

Or you can try this one if you don't have money (I am tempted to let it try!)

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serezha1046 days ago BlaBlaCar
Everything depends on the traveler's request, if you want to see this or that country, but spend some money, there are good options travelling for 2-3 days.
First, calculate the cost of tickets (or you can use the Search for travel companions for example BlaBlaKar (Russia)
Second, where spend the night (you can get a cheap hostel or use CouchSurfing (http: //c-surfing.klub) that all free).
All of that you can search in the Internet.
As soon as you solve this two problems, you can go to any country having just $ 100. There're lots of chip sights or that can be free at all!!! So good luck!!!!!!

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kathy1045 days ago

Thank you guys!

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