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Do you always choose fast food as your meal? 5
Created by jackyjacky, 1328 days ago, 1396 views

Or how do you try to make your eating more healthier?
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BLKROSE1327 days ago

Nah, Im Puerto rican and I was raised that fast food is not healthy. Its a treat. So I learn to make home pizza by making my own sauce.and letting my kids place their own toppings. They love it. You can make fast food at home. just more healthier.

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Logicz1hunid1327 days ago

Nope it's not healthy at all, I only use fast food when I really don't have time to cook other than that I prepare my own food in order to get a balanced diet and keep my body fit and healthy.

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chakramed1327 days ago

nah i hate fast food :(

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FixitJorge1326 days ago

No Way! Just look at what happen to the people who ate out at Chipotle. They came down with food poisoning and it wasn't the first, second, or third time. it was the 5th lol. Fast Food is not quality food and there will definitely be a Hefty price to pay and i don't mean the price to the wallet. I stay far away from Fast Food thank you very much. Chipotle restaurants have been the source of E. coli, norovirus and salmonella outbreaks in the last five months.

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Alirio1325 days ago

No, I choose fast food only when the time matters, that´s why is "fast". Normally an hour is enough time for eating lunch, if not consider a fast food.

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ryanaxis1325 days ago

hi jackyjacky:) i choose fastfood as meal in emergency situation only.

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Mayko1324 days ago

Not Always a good thing, I think fast food should be only in extreme cases a quick mouth ... example: you are rushed to a meeting and will not be more than 30 minutes to eat something ... oh yes fast food is a good choice ...

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kulmarina1324 days ago

Read this and never eat fast food again:

And now read this, try and enjoy!

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SetupComputer1323 days ago

No, I cook healthy foods for myself.

I just cooked shrimp simmered in coconut milk, tamarind and butter. Mind you, it's easy and very delicious especially when served with rice.

I also do tuna spreads. Just mix mayonnaise, tuna flakes, minced onions and pickles, then spread on your bread. It's totally delicious.

You know, fast food is unhealthy. I collect kitchen utensils so that it's easier and less time-consuming to cook for myself.

You'll find the joy of cooking especially when sharing your hand-made meals with people and they appreciate it. Just a while ago, I also cooked pork soup for my wife's family who came over to visit us.

Cheers and have a healthy life!

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Lyudmila1323 days ago

In general shall not acknowledge such meal to prepare only itself. This useful ,tasty, not dearly !! ))

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milton1323 days ago

Very glad to hear that another rican is making the right choice when it comes to what goes into our body. My kids have been raised the same way. My son used to work at Mcdonalds when in high school and he would not touch their food or even bring it home! when they cleaned up at night the leftover food was given to employees and he always refused.

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serezha1322 days ago

Todays reality is - more often the whole family eat pizza, but another fast food has not yet reached us. I mean the real fast food (different burgers, french fries ect.) exactly in our family.

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mattluca1317 days ago

Hamburger without chips. You change it for vegetable. Its a good start.

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aidenstone1277 days ago

Fast food has it's time and place... a quick cure when you know that you're going to have a late dinner, or you just don't have time to stop and cook something (most generally at the office or while driving... very inconvenient!) That being said, there are so many things that you can prepare at home that are quick, healthy, tasty, and don't cost an arm an a leg!

On YouTube, you can find so many quick and easy things to prepare such as mug brownies, homemade butter or ricotta cheese, quick and easy 6 ingredient lasagna, baked steak and other meats... all that you have to add are a few ingredients from the pantry or the spice-rack and voila (or is it voice)... in either case... you can make homemade hamburgers and you know what meat you're using... fresh condiments (pickles, onions, mustard, ketchup... etc) and unless you have senile dementia (like me) you generally are going to get your order right! (and less likely to get into a spat with the cook if you prepare it yourself... on the other hand....)

Fresh fruits are available that you can carry with you when you go to work that you can snack on during the day. You can make your own chocolate chip cookies (okay, use the frozen dough if you want to... but they're still baked to your liking!) or other such frivoloties (or necessities!) There are so many things that you can find semi-prepared either frozen or in the cans and all that you have to do, again, is add a little of your own cooking magic and you have something that is healthy, tastes good, and is inexpensive.

Get the family involved in helping with the meal once a week... this teaches the kids how to cook, keeps everyone doing something together, and generally everyone gets to take pride in what they prepared, even if it's bacon-wrapped hot-dogs that are seared on a grill, or hamburgers with bacon and cheese mixed in with the meat... salmon balls take 7 minutes to prepare: a can of salmon, an egg, some onions, crushed saltines, perhaps a little tobasco sauce or other spices, let them sit in hot olive (or vegetable oil ) for a minute or two on each side... a really tasty, healthy, inexpensive, and quick home prepared food. Frozen french fries... you can either bake them in the over (which is very healty) or deep frie them.

In short, the choice is yours... but its so much more awesome knowing that you have the ability to prepare meals for yourself, and this is impressive to others as well (especially if you're a guy! Make a quick, no-bake cheese-cake guys... a quick lasagna... and well... you will be the rock star!) Eat out from time to time, enjoy treating yourself to a night letting McD's doing the cookng for you, or grab a pizza (or have it delivered)... whatever. But don't discount the ability to cook for yourself, what it means to you and others, and the money it will save in the long run.

Happy Cooking, Bon Apetit, and Peace!

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