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How to spend your free time? Reward $2
Created by bike, 1738 days ago, 2228 views

What do you usually do on weekends?
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kulmarina1734 days ago

It really depends on your mood...
Look at this article

Or you can try this one!
How I spent this weekend video:

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sir_goweb1738 days ago

Hi @bike
I usually go for home training, films and tv series or videogames. I read ebooks too when i have good tips from friends and librarians. :)

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Razsaheel1738 days ago

Sit still. Recharge your energies. gear up for next challenge!

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Logicz1hunid1738 days ago

Hey @bike I usually spend my weekend:
1) Exercise in the morning
2) Clean up my room (got to keep your environment tidy)
3) Liming with my friends
4) PLaying Video Games
5) Reading some of the times.
5) Using Social Media etc...

But if is one thing you must exercise, keep your body healthy and fit you do not have to force yourself too much tho. Whatever you do just keep it real.
In case you're looking for something extra here's a link containing professional tips for spending your free time in a more productive manner:

Btw nice profile pic.

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chakramed1738 days ago

Hi @bike

20 Productive Ways to Use Your Free Time - :


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kattypretty1738 days ago

i like shopping ;)

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marketsgolabl1737 days ago

in winter i usually go to play sport , in summer i go to sweming pool

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thegreatcid1737 days ago

Go see friends on friday nights, meet girls.

Go play table games on saturdays.

Couch potato on Sunday with my ugliest T-shirt.

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fraider1737 days ago

Shopping, hang out (cinema), watching TV (series, movies) and playing computer games. When it's sunny also ride a bike, walking or running.

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peiresimon1737 days ago

Hi this is my first replay .

i spend time on hanging out with friends, maybe a lil tv. Daily routine.

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zizou1737 days ago

Spend my spare time at home with my family or in sports

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kibrg1737 days ago

Now the luxury of free time, spending it with meaning, but remember - God is watching you. Live so that he was interested.

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McRMSS1737 days ago

try to recharge my energy as me as a school boy i want to change the same things that i was doing in the school and refresh my mind

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SetupComputer1736 days ago

Well, I have an elegant mountain bike and I bike in the morning to train my endurance. I also watch DVDs.

I also tinker my electronic bike to make it run smoother.


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DavidChavis1735 days ago

Watch sports or Westerns .
Exercise .
Food prep / eat
occassionaly entertain &/or visit family & friends

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hya1735 days ago

Do something worthwhile or if you are working hard during the weekdays, then do something to relax and clear your mind.

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olja2255881735 days ago

I just playing video games, watching TV shows and talking with my bf in skype. :D

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eventhorizon1734 days ago

I spend my free time practicing martial arts and sketching. jeet Kune Do is my foundation and the love and spirit of shoalin kung fu is my inspiration. My sketch art is derived from my favorite hobbies in a artistc expression.

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Drive01111734 days ago

On weekends I like active rest on nature.

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DjangoUnchained1733 days ago

too cute...

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