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I want to learn English, I need some English books that easy to read. Reward $2
Created by bike, 1095 days ago, 2411 views

I want to learn English, I need some English books that easy to read.
Could you help me?
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Logicz1hunid1090 days ago

Hi @bike I recommend you try the books I and the other users recommended. Why? A lot of things are already dependent on technology as you can see and as good a technology may be it still depended on the use of books to get to where it is. Don't loose yourself in it like I nearly did. I nearly forgot how to write which is very bad since, a persons signature is very important in everything they do. Because of this I would encourage you to use books and balance thing 50% tech : 50% books.


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Logicz1hunid1095 days ago

Hey, its very good that you wnat to learn another language and improve your knowledge.
Here's a link of some of the best books for beginners who wnat to improve their english:

These other links may also be helpful to you:

Btw, your english is pretty good tho, for a beginner.

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chakramed1095 days ago

hi ,

check this link :


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kattypretty1095 days ago

the best way you have to listen to music old style music like 70's 80's

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agapitoflores1095 days ago

Hi Bike!

Its a good thing that you want to learn english from books and the answers above are good enough. But if you want a more comprehensive way of learning english; then you might want to try smartphone apps such as English Grammar Ultimate and Learn English Audio and Video. These apps will not only improve your reading skills but also listening and speaking skills. You might also want to try Memrise while you're at it this app will help you learn not only english but other languages as well. (links below)

- English Grammar Ultimate -
- Learn English Audio and Video -
- Memrise -

You can also get lessons from an English Tutor. Try ESL Tutor, they are one of the best and offers courses at the lowest price. Visit:

If you really want books though, then the answers before me are really good reads.


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thegreatcid1095 days ago

Im french canadian and i learned english via comic books... words and images is what you need....

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SetupComputer1093 days ago

Well, instead of only reading some books, why not take quality University Courses online to interactively learn english with peers?

You can try Coursera:

or, try Edx:

You know, you not only learn english, you get a certificate at the same time (but not all courses offer free certificate, though you can finish the course for free without a certificate).


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armistead1090 days ago

Start with children's books. Mother Goose ,Curious George etc.

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Aircatcher1090 days ago

Why don't try Learning Apps on smartphones?
They are basically the same (most of them, and it is free.

F Mu

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bike1090 days ago

I have downloaded a few apps, but they are a little boring.

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Aircatcher1090 days ago

@bike Oh ok then, what about the interactive sites like Khan Academy or the other suggestions in here?
Btw, there are some nice "Free Children's books (storybooks) here, for free. With their interactive page turning animation.
And (This one is not "very interactive", but still, the story and the picture is already there.

F Mu

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jerryrck1090 days ago

This procedure is the 100% free way to approach and learn ANY language

Type into google browser "google translate", then, anything you type in will be translated to english from your language.. after familiiarizing yourself a bit with the language preferred, get free books on google playbooks and learn the words you don't know by typing them in to google translate.... Also type in free childrens stories to get the easiest books to read on the web.. alot are completely free of charge . just remember to use the word FREE. the web will search for the free versions of books and resources for you. :) have a great day.

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zizou1089 days ago

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ciyaye_kurmenc857 days ago

i think you can first watch English stories and the you can learn english grammar

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