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How to transfer video from PC to my phone without USB cable? Reward $2
Created by walcott, 910 days ago, 1669 views

How to send video from PC to my phone without USB cable?
USB cable is inconvenient.
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Mayko910 days ago

Since you do not want to use usb cable ....
Could Transfer via Bluetooth, if your computer does have some ... ..
But if your not have ... Just put the video on an SD card .... and then remove and put on your Phone ...

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Logicz1hunid910 days ago

Hi, you can do this using the blutooth function. Here's a video guide:

This shows how to transfer from Phone to PC just do the opposite it's very simple.
Hope this was helpful.
If you need further assistance just mssg me.

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walcott910 days ago


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Mayko910 days ago

@walcott you are welcome, friend

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walcott910 days ago

thanks, it is helpful~~

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Logicz1hunid910 days ago

@walcott You're welcome

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ha14910 days ago

@walcott 1) open dropbox account you get 2gb free
2) upload your video there
3) on your phone install the appropriate dropbox application for your phone OS and download your video

once you upload your video there, you will get an email so click on it and download your file. No need to install application

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w1482910 days ago

Could Transfer via Bluetooth, if your computer does have some ... ..
But if your not have ... Just put the video on an SD card .... and then remove and put on your Phone

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ZzMrXzZ910 days ago

There are many ways, you can transfer through Bluetooth, but if your PC do not provide Bluetooth device then just upload it to a clodstorage and download it with your phone

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Iassjga908 days ago

See this guide help transfer videos between android and computer

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Drive0111905 days ago

1. Through Bluetooth connection;
2. Using the Memory card Reader device.

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marsudi905 days ago

use bluetooth to pc, memory sd, wifi connection

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moonlight905 days ago

Download app, such as shareit and share link...

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Ruberoid78901 days ago

Download it to the draft in email. And then look for it from PC

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AnnieChow866 days ago

This is a Solution to Transfer Videos between Android Phone and Computer,, hope
it can be helpful.

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huiyior853 days ago

You can transfer it wirelessly. Maybe you can try this way:

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zrodfects828 days ago

I use this on all my devices, PC, Microsoft phone and my iPad.

on the ipad and phone it is in app form but pc it is a website you select the files you need, enter the number code it gives you on the device you want to send it to and wallah done, I use this every week at some point, saves hooking up annoying cables all the time, though it needs internet to use though, so keep that in mind

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kickson75763 days ago

AirDroid is a wireless data transfer app for Android phones. You need to turn on USB debugging on the phone though. For data transfer, I prefer use Android Assistant to backup contacts and text messages as long as videos. It is much a personal choice. Here is a simple demo you can get to know about this app:

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Werfkjl742 days ago

Here find two transfer tools can support transfer data between Android and PC:

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Mobbay572 days ago

Samsung Backup can be operated to backup files between android phone and computer. It is very convenient to transfer videos from android to computer .

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