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Need advice from you 20
Created by glubaki, 854 days ago, 1017 views

Hi my name is glubaki i want to do some athlete wish you recommended for me !! thank you in advance
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chakramed854 days ago

hi glubaki i found this link for you

Greatest Women Athletes of All Time :


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ZzMrXzZ854 days ago

Which gender are you in?

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Logicz1hunid851 days ago

Hi @glubaki I would recommend these:
1) Tennis
2) Gymnastics
3) Swimming
4) Beach Volleyball
5) Track
6) Netball

For explanation on each of these please follow this link:
Have a nice day.

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serezha838 days ago

Jogging is the best to start with! When you get the first success, you'll be able to choose smth else or stay in this kind of sport.

Good luck!!!

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g1000A836 days ago

swimming and Jogging

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