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How do you think about Android and iPhone? Reward $2
Created by speed, 1867 days ago, 2033 views

Which one do you prefer? Talk about your opinions

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jgitaga1867 days ago

Android phones have a platform that is user-friendly. User also enjoy a wide range of apps compared to iPhone that use iOS platform. So many developers have made most of the apps in Android phones free. The screen size in Android phones also varies, but same apps work on every device. I prefer Android to iPhone.

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stefano691867 days ago

L'unica sostanziale differenza tra i due colossi, è che essere un utente apple si è consapevole che si è legati al solo utilizzo di quel tipo di tecnologia, senza poter espandere i propri confini tecnologici;
Mentre essere fan di android i tuoi confini tecnologici sono infiniti dato che non cisono confini nell'utilizzo della piattaforma android

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a675432101867 days ago

Hi @Speed

Android phones are more open. You can easily
- Wirelessless connect to any other android phones in the world and transfer files without problems,
- Wirelessless cast your phone screen or images to smart TVs,
- Drag and drop files with ease from your laptop or backup directly to your laptop.

With iphones, my friend could not get a bluetooth tethered internet connection from my phone. The iOS platform has more of the cool factor in it, than usabiility. Officially, iOS has a higher app crash rate than android. The system is locked and is geared towards locking you to invest into it through itunes. This makes it harder to migrate to other platforms when needs be. iOS since iOS6, has been copying most new features straight off android. iOS only work with iOS systems, so you are bound to heavily invest in apple and it`s ecosystem, if you want to have an easy life.

Android is definitely the way to go. It connects and works with any other laptops, Operating systems without limitations.

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sir_goweb1867 days ago

Hi @speed
It's just a matter of "what i need from a smartphone": if you search stability and a good app control go for an iPhone, if you search a more open platform go for an Android.

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marketsgolabl1867 days ago

hello , both are good and both are bad , how !

1 - android is an open source Os by Google Inc , wish mean any one can develop any app so you risque viruses and personal information .

2- iPhone , (IOS) is a close source by Apple Inc, only apple can develop that Os so for security its better then Android but you risque the life time limit cuz as you know iPhone 3 and 4 are almost dead iPhone denied any apps install on those old versions of iPhone , and its only matter of time iPhone 5 will be dead also .

i hope you understand now what i need to mean .

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Serrafero1867 days ago

i guess the image you had post resume all what i want to say

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tubomix1867 days ago

iphone is the best

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biusinous1867 days ago

Hi @speed

10 Reasons Why an Android Phone is Better Than an iPhone

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SetupComputer1867 days ago

@speed ,

Android phones have higher specs because the system has a lot of overheads. Android suffers from Java overhead. Java leaves behind junk memory data, which causes lags in continuous use. You will either have to use a System Cleaner or restart the phone to refresh it. Also, Android is prone to fragmentation, so your phone will become slower over time.

The number one problem with Android is that it is designed as a "one size fits all" type, that is, Android can run in almost every device. Therefore, manufacturers do modifications that causes slower performance.

iOS on the other hand is focused on Apple mobile devices only (like iPhone and iPad), thus the OS is more integrated with the hardware, resulting in faster performance.

Also, iOS does not suffer from Java overhead since it doesn't require one, so there is no memory junk that will reduce performance. That's why Android needs twice the size of iOS memory requirement for it to perform acceptably.

Privacy-wise, if you wanted to protect your privacy, go with Apple. Apple holds a strict Privacy Policy that protects the user. See for more information.
Google's Android on the other hand has a mediocre privacy policy. Google earns from data mining and matching it with advertisement, so therefore you might not be able to secure your personal data to the fullest.

Warranty wise, Apple devices are better. If an Apple product is defective, they won't repair it - they will replace it with a brand new one. Replacement is free for warranty claims, and comes with some charge with out-of-warranty devices.


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Mutasem1865 days ago

Android phones have higher specs because the system has a lot of overheads. Android suffers from Java overhead. Java leaves behind junk memory data, which causes lags in continuous use. You will either have to use a System Cleaner or restart the phone to refresh it. Also, Android is prone to fragmentation, so your phone will become slower over time.

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fraider1865 days ago

iPhone is better, because is more optimized for apps and operation system works without any crashes - I can't say this for Android. Android is cheaper, but there are many facts we can look for.

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peiresimon1865 days ago

i like i phone nice looking and fast working

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jcaitlin2211865 days ago

I've owned iPhones and Android phones, and I will never buy an iPhone again. I wish I had done more research before buying my iPad, because I would have bought an Android tablet instead. The iPhone is a status symbol, my teenage son wants one, for ONLY that reason. He has an Android phone right now, and knows that it functions better than an Apple phone, he just doesn't care. That seems ridiculous to me, but I'm not 16.
The fact that you can add memory to Android phones with a memory card and not to iPhones, to me, is a HUGE plus. The Google Play store is easier to use and is set up much better than the Apple App Store and iTunes, in my opinion. I just really feel like Android phones function better, are easier to understand and overall have fewer problems than iPhones. With Apple, you're paying for a brand name. Nothing more.

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mehome1859 days ago

You buy Android smartphone if you want to be free to choose a way how to use your smartphone.
You buy IPhone if you want to be complitelly provided and perfectly served for your conventional needs.

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Alirio1858 days ago

Both platforms are equally good, so it resumes to price since both smartphones offers the same value, I go for Android

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fancylili1857 days ago

I prefer Android, because there are many brands to choose!!

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komola19611854 days ago

In a word Android is better than iPhone because it has many apps so anybody can use it properly,beside all classes people buy or use it very simple which is not expensive than iPhone. iPhone is only used by highest classes people not for other normal classes granted.

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nihal291819 days ago

this is a big topic for a debate , but hey they are just smart phones , this is in our hand which we choose for what reasons we choosed , blah blah
android vs apple ios

android comes with more customisations and ability to change os (if rooted).
android fits in very pocket ( $money$ ) from dirt cheap 4$ freedom 251 to galaxy s6+ & Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for $ 750 .

And apple is a standerd set for every one , best quality and service .
but have many restrictions.

consider this link for a sample comparison between to top models of android and apple

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