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How to stop dog barking? Reward $5
Created by snoopy, 1062 days ago, 1763 views

My dog is cute, but it always bark when passers-by pass through my house.
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agapitoflores1061 days ago

Hi Snoopy!

Here are some tips to stop your dog from barking:

1) Everytime your dog is barking at a passer by, stay by his side and calm him down. This signals the dog that it is okay, and that the passers wont do him any harm.

2) Use your "angry voice", your angry voice is a specific tone of your voice wherein your dog has to pay attention to you and stop what ever he is doing. If you have not establish an angry voice yet then, you may have dominance problems over your dog (PM me for further details on how to establish an angry voice). If luckily you have established an angry voice then every time your dog is barking at a passer by, use your angry voice to stop him and reward him if he stops. This will establish a habit for your dog to not bark on passers.

3) Socialize your dog with other people, if your dog is curious or scared of passers then he/she will surely bark on them, to prevent this you may socialize your dog with other people so that he will be familiarized with them and eliminate feelings of fear and curiosity.

4) Exercise your dog - maybe your dog just have too much energy thats why he/she is barking too much. To prevent this you may want to play fetch with your dog, jog around or walk him to the park, so that his energy will be spent on something else other than barking on passers.

Hope this helps!

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chakramed1062 days ago

Hi .
here is best tips to stop dog barking


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chakramed1062 days ago

others good tips forl this link :


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Ramesh1062 days ago

don't let the dog see the passers.keep it in a place away from the passers.

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chakramed1061 days ago

great tips i will keep

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sereno1059 days ago

hi, i followed the link to ceasar's blablabla and it's more common sense than real tips,non the less they can work sometimes.
barking is what we programmed dogs to do for thousands of years, so now it's quite tricky to erase that behavior. i follow very closely dog's education at a canine club where my mother is a trainer and i could tell you some good, proved systems, but i found some articles that do it better, and in much better English than mine so, read them and tell me the results after.

here, they really work:
in continuation, more deep:

this is the one you want, it explains thoroughly all the aspects of your question:

hoping that this could help(and if not, you can always put your phones and listen to some good music).

cheers mate

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Bine485975 days ago

Der Nachbar-Hund muß immer seine Leine selber in der Schnauze tragen, somit kann er nicht alle anbellen

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